Chapter Nine

The years of peace continued, and all the peoples multiplied, their cities spread.
2 One day North came to The Voice. "We have been here already," he reminded, "many generations. Hundreds of years have passed since we first sat down, and we have forgotten those of us left behind as we journeyed here. We promised them that a ship would come back and check on them, to see that all was well.
3 Four pods have been emptied, no longer needed for inhabitation. We have made fuel and purified it, and I have taken the leap crystals. I ask your permission to take The Morning Star and retrace our steps, check on the well being of those brothers and sisters we left behind, and bring any that so desire back with us."
4 "I see," agreed The Voice, "wisdom in what you say. We have been neglectful of our brothers and sisters. Even with your ship gone, we will still be on equal terms with The Goddens, ship per ship. Go! Check on the well being of our people."
5 Now, when The Lord God heard of North's plans, he was pleased. "In two days," he said , "he will be out of communication's range. In four days he will leap. The time has come to bring an end to The Rebellion, to punish these traitors! We will strike the day that their ship is to leap. All their instruments will be on it, and they will not expect us to make a move while it is still within the system.
6 By the time it returns months from now, we will be in control, and a single ship will be helpless to stop us. Prepare our ships and prepare the surface craft. Soon there will be none left that dare defy my magnificence!"
7 Now, as word of the pending attack sped through The Lord God's forces, one Haven became alarmed when he heard that Adam and Eve's people were to be destroyed

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