Chapter Two

Now, the day that he was to set forth, at the very gate of the village, a man walked up to him. "Remember me?" the other man asked.
2 "I do not know your name," answered Gray Goat, "but I remember you. You are the Warlock I spoke to that first day, and was made to shame by The Lords. I hope I am forgiven."
3 "My name," the young man continued, "is Singing Hawk, and a man does not need to be forgiven when he speaks the truth! As you say, a young man made a mistake. Now, he must carry that mistake, always. I have come to you because my time of service is done. I am free! Lord, may I follow you? May my feet fall in your footsteps?"
4 "I would rather," answered Gray Goat, "that they fall at my side! You are welcome. Come with me! "
5 Now, Singing Hawk was the son of a rich man, and seemed to have friends everywhere. In a pouch he carried letters of introduction from his father. Whenever he needed money, he saw this man, or that, and returned with a full purse. Never would he let Gray Goat pay for anything when they traveled. Wherever they went he arranged quarters and saw to all Gray Goat's needs like a servant.
6 Camp after camp they visited, some were in better condition than the first, some were in worse.
7 At every village Gray Goat preached of The Lords anger. "These atrocities," he said , "must not continue, or surely greater catastrophes than have yet happened will fall on us! Turn from this evil, raise against it! Let every eye be opened. Let not one evil be done. Let there be an observer on every work gang, a watch on every camp. Let those who do evil beware!"
8 Now, the Warlocks complained to The First Speaker,

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