Chapter Three

So it was, on a pleasant day Gray Goat entered The Holy City, and came to The First Speaker's House. He wasted no time, but went directly to The First Speaker and asked that those who accuse him appear.
2 The First Speaker sent for the men and they entered the Hall. "It is you who bring accusation," said The First Speaker, "What do you say against this young man?"
3 The Spokesman came forward. "Lord," he announced, "this young man is a traitor and a heretic. He speaks against your Holy Authority and interferes with the operation of your army. We demand ......"
4 Suddenly there was a great rumble like a terrible storm. The building, even the entire city, began to rock up and down! There was a great cracking and ripping sound, and the roof of The Speaker's House began to fall in.
5 When the dust cleared, and The Speaker could see again, Gray Goat stood alone. Where his accusers had stood was a pile of rubble. From it, one hand reached as if to grasp something.
6 The First Speaker trembled with fear. "You called upon The Lords," he asked, "to do this?"
7 "I did nothing," answered Gray Goat. "The earth trembled of its own accord. But The Lords knew that it was coming, and told me the safe place to stand. Those who THEY served knew no safe place. Those who bring charges against me are thieves.  Long they have cheated our people, not just through the prison camps, but through every manner of dealing.
8 If you send agents to their businesses and houses, in their records and personal letters you will find all the proof you need that my words are
true. If you doubt me, do as I say. The earth will

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