9 "It is the only way ," smiled Gray Goat, "to fight a war."
10 Splitting their army up into many small elements was dangerous, but it succeeded. They swept through the villages of The Oneness like a whirlwind.
11 The Oneness at Hope came out to do battle, but as their ranks marched forward, dark clouds hung over them. Gray Goat ordered his people to strip off their armor and stick their weapons in the ground. They thought he was mad, but obeyed.
12 Suddenly, as he waved his staff before the advancing enemy the sky exploded with lightning. The enemy's spears held high, caught the bolts and they leapt to their armor. Those that survived ran screaming, back toward their city, The Children of Spirit on their heels, so close that the enemy could not close their gates. The Children of Spirit stormed inside, and within hours the city was theirs.
13 At Soldier there was no lightning. For two bitter days the battle raged. Then, in the afternoon of the last day, a group of Oneness soldiers broke through the ranks and charged the hill where Gray Goat and The First Speaker stood.
14 The First Speaker's Guard fought valiantly, but six of them pushed through and went after Gray Goat. He wore no armor and his only weapon was his staff, but it flew in all directions, and wherever it struck, there was a 'CRACK' like thunder. It met one of the enemy's swords, and with a loud CRACK the sword broke in two!
 15 "Run!" cried the soldier, "Run! Their wood breaks steel! How can we fight them? Flee!"
16 The soldiers fled, abandoning their women and children, knowing that The Children of Spirit would not harm them. Now, the battle was set. They had more than enough captured supplies. They held two enemy

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