Chapter Six

The Old Fox was sitting at his workdesk when he heard someone call him. He looked up, but saw no one, and returned to his work. A few minutes later he again heard the call, but this time, when he looked up, his brother was there, and another with him. "As I have promised, my brother," he said, "I have returned, and we are now ready to begin our Teachings. Take parchment and pen, and write down The Laws that we tell you." And The Old Fox obeyed.
2 "There are no gods," his brother told him, "only Lords...Holy Teachers. Any that claim to be gods are sick Spirits who unjustly seek the worship of men. They weaken and destroy men, so The Children of The Lords are not to have them in their houses. Any that do are not Children of The Lords, and shall not be part of Their family.
3 It is Natural Law that governs all things, not the gods. It is Natural Law that makes the world to turn, the sun to warm the earth, and the rain to fall. There is no god in any of these things.
4 Both the soul and the body evolved through Natural Law. They grew from the lower species. They were not made by the gods, nor are they controlled by the gods. Each must be developed to their greatest potential. The body, the mind, and the soul of each individual must be trained to develop their greatest potential so that they may serve their fellows.
5 We live more than one lifetime. It is the purpose of Natural Law that we use each lifetime to grow, to advance toward The Higher Form.
6 One must learn to control their emotions. Too much hate, greed, anger, or evn love, can damage the soul. We must feel and know to live, but we must put our reason and knowledge before our emotions.
7 We must reverse the common order of life, and put ourselves last. Church (Law), family, and self is the correct order of life. One should always ask the question before they do anything, "Is it within The Law? Will it harm my family, will it harm myself? Then, make the decision accordingly.
8 When one dies, they return to The Spirit World. What they have done in their lifetime will determine their condition there. If they have done good, they will know good. If they have done evil, they will know evil and torment until they are born again to atone for what they have done. This is why we must live just and honorable lives, not because some god demands it, but because our own souls and our ancestors do.
9 You must never strike the first blow in battle. To do so would be to dishonor yourself and your people. To defend we must, but we will only use enough force to render our enemies incapable of harming us. We will kill only when it is necessary to kill....for self-defense, food, and clothing only. We will not harm the innocent merely for the sake of our own advantage.
10 We shall not force our beliefs on others. We shall teach and show by our own actions the superiority of our faith. The strong must protect the weak, and tyranny must never be allowed. To allow tyranny, to live in fear, is to destroy your own soul.
11 Parents shall love, honor, and protect their children and teach them the right way to live, disciplining them when necessary, not loving them so much that they allow them to do anything they wish, becoming a curse on themselves and society.
12 Children should also respect their parents, doing as they are told until they are of age, and capable of making their own decisions.
13 Our females shall have the same rights and privileges as our males, and also the same responsibility to stand and fight for their people. They are to be given some consideration because they are the bearers of life, but they also must take their responsibilities, each according to their skills.
14 Men shall lie with women, and women with men for mating and the needs of the soul. But men shall not lie with men, or women with women, for such is against all nature, and injures the soul.
15 Drugs of any kind shall be used only as medicine for the body and mind, and never for pleasure, for these things can destroy the body, the mind, and the soul.
16 Neither shall our people use strong drink. They may have wine with their meals, but none shall be drunkards, and any that are drunkards shall be put out of The Church until they mend their ways.
17 No Speaker or Teacher of The Church shall know any wine at all, strong or mild. For they must keep pure their bodies and their minds, for they are The Servants of The Lords.
18 If a person will not work, they shall not eat. The injured, the ill shall you care for, but those who are able shall earn their bread.
19 The basis of all Law shall be this...let the punishment fit the crime, and let justice be the same for all, rich or poor. If a person steals, let all they have be taken from them, and used to repay those they have cheated. Let them be put in punishment to make them learn the errors of their ways.
20 If a man forces his sex on a woman, let his sex be taken from him, that he may never use it wrongly again.
21 If a person kills unjustly, or for profit, let them be put to death. If they have shortened the life of another, they must pay with the shortening of their own. Vengeance is a right that must be given. But remember also, mercy, for you would wish others to be merciful to you.

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