Chapter Nine

The day before Worship Sure Hands borrowed several household servants and put them to work in The Temple. Just before dusk, he and his workmen carried three objects from his worshop into The Temple. But as they were covered with heavy tarpaulins, no one could tell what they were.
2 When the covers of the windows were finally opened, the secret was still kept, for Sure Hands had covered his work with a large cloth. Posting a servant to stand guard, he went to bed.
3 The following morning the people filled The Temple. As The Old Fox entered he found that three walls of The Temple had been whitened, and that the further one had been painted black. The sculptures had been placed in the middle of the black wall, raised half-again a man's height on its stout platform.
4 He turned to face the congregation, standing before it. "I am as curious as you," he announced. "I have not seen what my son has produced, but I am sure it will be fitting to represent The Lords. Let us see what the skill of his hands and those of his craftsmen have produced."
5 He nodded to Sure Hands, and the young man pulled a rope allowing the cloth to fall away. When it did, cries of joy went up from the crowd, and The Old Fox stared in wonder.
6 There was a sculpture of a young maiden, perfect in form in a flowing robe with the hood pushed back. Her left hand was held aloft, and her right hand held outward, as if reaching for someone. And there was a sculpture of a young man, perfect in form, likewise in a flowing robe with his hood thrown back. His right hand was raised, and his left hand extended. And in the raised hands the two figures held aloft The Star Of Spirit!
7 The Old Fox raised his hands to the sky, crying, "Glory be to The Lords! And glory be to Their Servants!" And as The Old Fox brought down his hands, he noticed the faces of the sculptures. The young man, without doubt, was his brother, and the maiden the first Spirit who had spoken to him! "Tell me, my son, how you came to make this great work and how you chose these faces."
8 "I saw it all in a vision," Sure Hands told him. "It came to me immediately when you drew The Symbol for me. When I was almost done, weary from sleep, a maiden's voice spoke to me and said, 'Three walls of The Temple are you to whiten, and the furthest one you are to darken as dark as the cloudy night. In the mid of this darkened wall, you are to put Our symbol. When they ask you why the wall is darkened, you will say 'Behold, the darkness of the lost, and before it, The Light that keeps it away; and The Light that shall shine out and save the world.'"
9 The Old Fox again raised his hands, clapping them together. "Great is The Glory of The Lords!" he cried. And the congregation followed suit. Many times they did this joyfully, until all were weary.
10 Then The Old Fox motioned them to be quiet. "Now already," he continued, "there is some confusion, and even some complaint, but this is only natural as we are not yet sure exactly how it is that The Lords wish us to worship Them. But each day They are teaching us more and more. And as I learn it, I will pass it on as much as possible, when we are together. But when we are not, I will send messengers to you that you shall know quickly The Guidance of The Lords.
11 Now it has already been questioned how we shall greet one-another, and how we shall greet strangers. Now, to those you know who are of The Faith, you shall greet them in this manner....raise your left hand, put your thumb to the palm, and put the two middle fingers down over it. And in greeting, you shall say 'Peace! Prosperity!' And when they are departing from you, you shall do the same, but say, 'May The Lords go with you.'
12 Now, if you should meet a stranger or one of another faith, you shall simply say, 'Greetings!' and spread your flattened palms outward, at your sides.
13 Now, if they are entering your home, you shall bid them welcome. And when they are departing from you, you shall say 'Good journey!'"
14 Now Little Yellow Blossom Fox rose. "Teacher," she asked, "why is it we have two kinds of greetings? Why don't we simply use the one for all?"
15 "It is so, good child," The Old Fox answered, "so we will not offend. Someone of another faith may take offense to The Lords Blessing which you are giving them with The Greeting. Or, they may resent you wishing upon them The Lords company.
16 So be cautious how you greet people. Greet all courteously, but greet those of The Lords with The Lords, and those who are not with The Lords, without The Lords, so that no one is offended."
17 The girl sat down, pleased. Little Sure Fox rose. "Good Teacher," he asked, "what does the Symbol mean? Why do we hold our hand thus?"
18 "The thumb," explained The Old Fox, "is ourselves. The two fingers we cover it with are The Laws and The Teachings of Spirit. The circle formed by the hand represents both the material world and The Spirit World. The small finger is Our Mothers. The large finger is Our Fathers. These also represent The Lords. All these symbols put together, make the strongest of signs." The young man seated himself, practicing making The Symbol with his fingers.
19 "Now, I will teach you a prayer, a prayer that The Lords have given me. It shall be said always at the beginning of our worship. For when all are seated The Speaker shall enter The Temple and light two candles or lamps, and shall say these words....'Blessed are The Lords of Spirit, Our Blessed Fathers, and Holy Mothers. By

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