Chapter Eleven

Now in the afternoon they again formed the circle. And when they had protected themselves and raised The Light, Lame Fox was chosen.
2 As The Light came to him, he began to speak. "I see a great city," he began, "actually, several great cities, near to each other. And at the center of each city is a temple of the different gods. The land about the city is lush and beautiful. I see the people in the cities leading just and good lives. This , I am sure, is The Land Of The Lords. But I am confused! I see the temple of Tr, the temple of the serpent, and all the other gods. But Spirit teaches us that gods do not exist! I do not understand!"
3 "Look inside the temples," commanded The Old Fox.
4 "I see the priests making sacrifices," Lame Fox described, "but not to a statue. There are men sitting on thrones receiving their worship."
5 "These are the Spirits," explained The Old Fox, "that pretend to be the gods. They feed on the ignorance and blind trust of their followers. They draw on the power of their belief to protect them. If they did not have that, what they really are would become known and they would be forced to flee to The Darkness."
6 "But you told us," argued Lame Fox, "that no one can lie in Spirit. How can these Spirits deceive their brethren?"
7 "The lie did not begin in Spirit," The Old Fox answered "the people died believing what they were told was true. That they would find Tr, that he would make their lands lush and beautiful. That they would never want. That as long as they worshipped him, they would have all they need.
8 Now these things happen in Spirit by their own accord for those who live well. But they do not know that. And as long as they do not question, as long as they do not ask whether these things are true or not, they will never learn the Truth. If you have everything you are promised, would you question that promise?"
9 "I see!" Lame Fox answered. "As long as they continue to believe what they were taught while they lived, the god will continue to deceive them. But if they doubt the god, if they question him, then they will know he is lying, that he is not a god. Then they will be free of him.
10 How long, Lord, does this usually take?"
11 "People may live and die one-hundred times," The Old Fox told him, "before questions enter their mind, before they begin to doubt. Some souls may live one lifetime and learn the Truth. Each soul matures at a differing rate."
12 "I see!" cried Lame Fox, "Much confusion is gone from my mind."
13 "That is the purpose of this Teaching," The Old Fox explained, "to remove doubts from your mind. Now, Mountain Glory Crow, close your eyes and take The Light from Lame Fox. Tell us what you see."
14 "I see similar things," she said, "but not quite the same. I see Temples but the priests are not offering sacrifice. There is a man or sometimes a woman speaking to the priests. And the priests are rising, going out and speaking to the people, some even speaking to people in our world through living priests.
15 But the people that worship them, seem different. They ask questions....have doubts, but they still worship the god. But the god they're worshipping answers their questions and their answers are true! Teacher, I am really confused. Are they gods or aren't they gods? How can they deceive the people?"
16 "You just said," The Old Fox told her, "they are not deceiving the people, that what they tell them is true! Let me explain.
17 Now, before all The Teachings of The Lords could be given, The Way had to be prepared, so certain Teachers were reborn into the world that gave the people wisdom, taught them right from wrong, began to lead them toward The True Path.
18 Now, they were servants of The Lords like you and I, and did not claim to be gods, but the people were so amazed by their power and their teaching, that when they died, they began to consider them gods. But they were not gods at all, but Lords, Sacred Teachers.
19 You have already noticed the similarity in what some of these gods teach and what Spirit teaches. Spirit is showing you this so you will know that not all so-called gods are evil. That you must judge their Teachings and their effects on their people before you condemn them. Do you understand?"
20 "Because someone does not say 'I am of Spirit," answered Mountain Glory, "does not mean that they do not teach good."
21 "You are learning, indeed," The Old Fox told her. "Now, Red Fox, close your eyes, and take The Light from Mountain Glory. Tell us what you see."
22 "I see a strange world, Lord. There are here creatures beyond belief, men four times as high as normal men, great beasts of prey ten times as big as any dog, temples that could not be built, cities beyond belief! I have read about such things in glory tales, but surely they cannot exist!"
23 "What you are seeing," The Old Fox explained, "is a very strange phenomena! The Lords call it 'The Unreal World.' I will try to explain to you where it comes from.
24 Each time you read a scroll of some wild tale that someone has made up, you project thoughts of it into The Spirit World. They react on the energy of The Spirit World, and these thoughts take shape.

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