Chapter Fourteen

So it was that The Old Fox trained his first students, and his prediction wasn't quite true. Little Bay Blossom DID return, but only long enough for her and One Hand to be mated by The Old Fox; the first of their people to be joined in the new ceremony. Then, they returned to their village, the people of which soon became Followers of The Lords. And the others also returned to their own cities.
2 Gray Fox and Valley Blossom Crow returned to Li, but Trusting Fox soon moved some of his family to Min, and they established a Temple there.
3 Silver Fox returned to So, and soon The Lords Worship was spreading through the city. So great was his work, that when the trouble started for the people, he was one of the first Speakers to be killed.
4 Mountain Glory returned to her mate in To, and Little Trusting Fox went with her, but he soon moved in to Ti, where he mated with the daughter of one of its richest families and soon brought many of the city's citizens to The Lords.
5 Now, Red Fox returned to Min, and, his father's house, and soon built a great following for The Lords.
6 Now, Gray Blossom went with him, but Screaming Crow followed them, and soon took her to Lo after they were mated. And soon that city, too, was filled with The Children of Spirit.
7 Now, Lame Fox stayed in Tr and took over the duties as Teacher, at The Speakers' School, with The Old Fox helping him, on occasion.
8 While Mountain Glory Crow took care of the affairs of the city.
9 The Old Fox was thus free to take care of the needs of the new growing Religion, and handle these affairs he did well. His knowledge of business and good common sense soon made The Church prosperous. So much so, that other eyes began to look upon them jealously. But his work was tiring on him, for handlig both the affairs of The Church, and, his own family business took many hours and he was often late to bed and early to rise.
10 One day Gray Fox, his eldest son, entered his office. "Father," he pleaded, "you can not go on like this. The strain of all this work is too much for you in your advanced years. Long you have trained me to run the family business when you leave us. Now, I think it is time for me to take it over. I am not to be a Speaker, but let me serve The Church by doing what I can best relieving you of the family's concerns. You can be left to put all your efforts with The Church, as it should be. For you are The First of Speakers, Leader of All."
11 The Old Fox rose and put his hand on his son's shoulders. "Proud I am," he complimented, "of my children. And glad I am that The Lords have taught them wisdom. As you have said," he continued, "so must it be."
12 He took from about his neck the family seal and put it about his son's neck. He took from his belt the keys to the strong boxes and storerooms, and put them on his belt. "From this day forth," he announced, "in all the family's affairs, both business and private, you are the elder....even over your mother, your brother, and your sisters. And all the servants shall call you master. As I have said, so must it be."
13 "But father," Gray Fox protested, "I meant only to take care of the busineess affairs, not to take your place as head of household!"
14 "The two are one," The Old Fox told him. "If you wish to free me for The Lords Work, you must take all my burdens."
15 "As you bid, Teacher, that will I do."
16 "I will turn the small room in the back of The Temple into my office," The Old Fox explained. He walked over and put his hand on his desk, and looked about the room. "Over twenty-two seasons I have worked here!" he commented. "I watched you play outside that window. Many a time I had to rise from my desk to settle a squabble between my children. There are many good memories here." He nodded his head to his son, and left him to his work.
17 Now one day, as The Old Fox was working in his office, a servant entered. "Master!" he announced, "There is a group of men here, a committee from all of the city churches. They wish counsel with you on some matters of importance."
18 "Very well," said The Old Fox. "Have them seat themselves. I will be out presently."
19 Now, when The Old Fox came out, the men started to rise, but he motioned them to stay seated, and took a pillow among them. "Now, gentlemen," he began, "how is it that you gathered yourselves together and came here to see me?"
20 "Speaker," one of the men explained, "several questions have arisen which the people argue about. And we need your answer on them. For it is making conflict among the Churches, and we need to know the answers to these things."
21 The Old Fox called a scribe and had him join them, so that what they said might be written down. "All right," The Old Fox announced, "we are ready. Ask your questions."
22 "Now, Teacher," one of the men began, "there have risen among us some who believe very strongly in The Lords. Now they are good Speakers, and tell others of The Faith and bring many to The Church, but they have not The Lords Powers. They do not see The Lords, or hear Them, or even dream dreams! But they are a great force of good in The Church.

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