Chapter Fifteen

Now, The Old Fox finished The Book of The Law and sent messages to all The Churches, saying "It is three Worship Days from The Birth of Fall. Let each Church send a committee to receive their Book of The Law.
2 Let them come with pipes, flutes, trumpets, and drums. Let the banners of The Lords fill the roads.
3 Bring sheep and goats, flour, milk, butter, honey, fruits and vegetables from the storage bins. We will gather at my house for a Great Celebration, and each committee will return to their own city with The Book of The Law."
4 So it was, that in the weeks following, the roads to Tr were filled with grand processions, and the ships entering the harbor flew the banner of Spirit.
5 The land of The Old Fox's house was filled with tents, and that of The Speakers' School, also. Many people began to say that the New Religion was really growing.
6 Now, come The Day of The Celebration, after Worship, The Speaker from each city mounted a platform that had been erected in the yard before The Temple, and was given a Book of The Law.
7 When they all had been presented, The Old Fox announced, "On The First Worship Day of Fall, have we received The Book of The Law. From this day forth, for every year to come, we shall celebrate this day. The Day The Law of The Lords was put in Our Hands! Let there be music! Let us dance! Let the singers sing joyful songs, for The Law of The Lords is known!"
8 He motioned to all the musicians who were off to one corner of the yard and they began to play a lively tune. The young people began to do The Round Dance.
9 As The Old Fox was leaving the platform, he caught sight of a woman peeking around the half-opened gate. She was bent over and leaning heavily on her staff. "Come in, woman!" he cried, "Come in! There is no need to be afraid! No one will harm you! There is food and drink for all. Even if you are not of our Faith you are welcome to share our Feast."
10 The woman hobbled into the yard, looked timidly around, and came over to him. "Who," she asked, "is The First of Servants, The Speaker of Speakers, The Voice of The Lords?"
11 "Now, I am sometimes called by those names," The Old Fox told her. "What is it you desire?"
12 "Lord," she began, "when I was eleven years old, my back started to bend. Each year it gets worse and worse. Now, I can barely walk.
13 Now, one night I dreamed a Dream. I dreamed I was walking down a road, and my brother, who had been dead for many years, came from the opposite direction. He stopped and looked at me.
14 'Woman,' he comanded, 'why do you hobble like this? Go to The City of Tr, to the house of Fox, and find Our Servant there, Our Master, he who is The Speaker of Speakers, The Glory of The Lords, and say to him, 'The Lords command all that are with you pray for me, and let you lay your hands upon me and make me straight.'"
15 The woman lowered herself on her staff, then roused herself again. "And now, as I have said," she continued, "so must you do."
16 "And so I shall," answered The Old Fox.
17 He summoned two servants and they helped the woman up onto the platform. The Old Fox banged his staff and the musicians stopped playing. Everyone gathered around. "This woman," he announced, "has been sent by The Lords to be healed. They have said we must pray for her, and that I must put my hands upon her and heal her. That, we shall do."
18 And as the people prayed, The Old Fox put his hands on the woman's back, but nothing happened. Then, a voice spoke to The Old Fox saying, "Remove her jacket, and lift her blouse so the people may see her back and know there is no deception. Then put your hands upon her bare back, and have the people pray again. For some doubt and feel they are being deceived."
19 So The Old Fox obeyed, and some of the people cried out in surprise, and some of the women looked away. 20 "Now, again we pray!" cried The Old Fox. And as the people did so, a fire entered The Old Fox's hands and he felt the flesh beneath his fingers twist and turn. Some places grew smaller, others grew larger, while he moved his hands up and down the woman's back. Slowly, she pulled herself up her staff until she stood erect. Finally The Old Fox removed his hands. His clothes were soaked with body water. It dripped off his chin.
21 "I'm straight!" the woman cried, "I'm straight! Look at me! I can stand! I can turn! I can dance! I am alive again!"
22 The Old Fox raised his hands to the sky. "Oh, Lords," he cried, "your Servant knew Your Power was great, but he did not know how great! Glorious are The Gifts You give Your People, oh Lords. Glory be to The Lords!"
23 And the people answered. Again and again they cried. Then, The Old Fox lowered his hands and staggered to his staff.
24 "Stay with us the night, woman," he invited, "journey home with the people from your city in the morning, and everyone spread the word of this. Today we have seen a wonder - only the first of many that The Lords will do." Wearily he trudged to his bed, and a long night's sleep while The Celebration continued.

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