Chapter Twenty-One

Now, the day came that The New Temple was finished, and The Old Fox sent a message to all The Churches. "Let us gather," he commanded, "for a glorious Celebration. Bring your musicians, food, and good wine. And on the third Fifth Day coming, we will have a grand procession and carry The Lords Symbol from my Family Temple to its new home which has been set up on the shore by the lake."
2 So it was, from every city they came, gathering in Tr, each Church sending a committee and a group of fighting people. And the joyous Followers of Spirit filled Tr to overflowing.
3 And their happiness and gaiety brought happiness to everyone except The Priest of Tr. As he saw The Children of Spirit fill the streets, his anger grew. "These people belong to Tr," he screamed. "They have been stolen by this Old Fox, and his instnity. There must be some way of dealing with them, before all is lost!"
4 That Fifth Day The Children of Spirit formed a great column. First, came the musicians, behind them, the flag bearers of all the clans, led by The Flag of Spirit. Behind them, came a great number of fighting people, marching proudly in their uniforms. Then came The Old Fox and The Elders, followed by The Symbol of The Lords, borne on many strong shoulders. Then, came the people, and at the end, another large number of fighting people.
5 Now, as they neared the temple of Tr, The Old Fox raised his arms. "This is their Worship Day as well as ours. Let us show respect for them, and pass quietly by their temple. Our music and joy may continue after we have passed."
6 Now, the leader of Tr's temple guards saw The Children of Spirit passing and ran to fetch The High Priest. From the temple balcony they watched. "Look at their fighting people!" said the temple guard. "They have a small army. Soon they will be greater than The King's, then there will be no stopping them! Already my men fear them, even their women!"
7 "They have an army?" asked The High Priest. Then, he remembered other stories he had been hearing. "Yes," he laughed, "an army! The King should hear of this!"
8 After they were clear of the temple of Tr, the music and joyous shouts of The Children of Spirit continued. Finally, they reached The New Temple, set up in a large field on the cliffs, overlooking the harbor for barges, and the swamp beyond. Here, The Symbol was joyously put on its platform, surrounded by the shields of all the clans belonging to The Church. And beneath it, on their shelves, The Book of The Law, The Book of The Teachings, and The Book of The Beloved, in which was kept all the names of the Believers.
9 The people celebrated while The Old Fox stood at The Temple's opening. Over the city walls he could just see the towers of the temple of Tr, and not far away, those of The Palace.
10 "It begins tomorrow," he whispered to himself, as he looked up into the late fall sky. After some time, he and his party returned home.

From "The Book Of The Law" Given By The Lords To The Old Fox

If it is found that a man has been stealing by any means from others, rather by directly taking their belongings or, by cheating them in business, or, by extortion, all that that person has shall be taken from them and given to those that they have stolen from, until they are repaid in full for all that they have lost. If there is not enough, the person's property can be rented until the debt is paid and then sold with the profits going to the Temple to do good works. The Temple may not keep any seized property. But It may dispose of it to relatives of the accused if they pay a fair price for it, and they may be allowed to pay that price in payments over time. All efforts must be made to be fair to all.

If it is found that someone has killed another for profit or in anger, that person shall be seized and put to death. His property shall be seized and given to the family of the victim, as their inheritance. The accused's family will lose all right to any property that he owned, except for anything that the victim's family chooses to return to them in their good will. But by right the family of the murdered have all right to the murderer's property.

At no time shall The Church seize anyone's property for the public good without their consent. Fair payment must be given. If it is necessary at some time, for The Church, for the safety of the people, to take control of a property in a time of emergency, as soon as that emergency is concluded that property shall be returned to its rightful owners, in as good a condition as it was in when The Church acquired it. It does not matter how much time passes. When The Church no longer needs the property for the safety of the people, it shall be returned to the original owners or its heirs. The Church shall never take anyone's property by force! The Lords Forbid!

At no time shall The Church tax Its people. All funds that The Church is given shall be given of the people's free will. The Church shall sustain Itself by the renting of Its properties, the increasing of Its herds, and the shares from businesses that It supports. At no time shall the people be required to pay anything to The Church to sustain It, other than what they freely desire to give.

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