Chapter Two

It took eight months for The Goddens, as The Hashons were beginning to call The Havens, to arrive at the colony but they refused to deal with the Representatives that had been sent there.
2 "We will go to your capitol," they insisted. "The message we bear is from The One True And Living God, The Maker Of All Things and The Ruler Of The Universe. We shall deal only with the highest official of your government."
3 The Representative contacted Sorrowful Fox. "Very well," he agreed, "Give them directions to reach Hades."
4 The Hashons were amazed at how fast The Goddens made the journey. It would have taken them months, but The Goddens arrived in only weeks. Their Representative came down and visited Sorrowful Fox in Northern. Great crowds gathered and watched the winged beings enter The First Speaker's House.
5 Sorrowful Fox had been equipped with an automatic translator so he could converse with The Goddens easily. "Greetings! " he began, "Welcome to Hades. I am The First Speaker of The Union Of Spiritist Planets, the highest official of our Government. I am glad to welcome you and offer the hospitality of our planet. We are anxious to discuss trade and exchange of knowledge. There is much we can offer each other."
6 "There will be no discussion," snapped The Godden Representative. The Lord God of all The Havens and The Master Of All Worlds lays claim to all planets within this so-called Union, and demands that the control of your governments be turned over to him. Many of our people
will be moved to your planets, and many of yours will be moved to ours.
7 The Lord God forgot he had made your race. It was an experiment before he made our perfect race. He thought you had destroyed yourselves like many others. But since you have survived, you will become our Servants, commoners
among our people. The best of you who serve The Lord God well, will become High Born. Of course your old, foolish religion will have to be given up. I have brought with me one-hundred Priests who will teach your people their new religion. "
8 Sorrowful Fox couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Just like that," he said, "you expect you're going to walk in and take over our worlds ….that we will not even resist?"
9 "You cannot resist," screamed the Representative. "We are far superior to you. If you do not accept the rule of your Lord God, you will be considered rebels against His Glory, and destroyed, every last one of you, man, woman, and child. Those who resist The Almighty are shown
no pity. The penalty for sin is death. The choice is yours. Our God will not bargain with lesser beings. Surrender, or die! That is the only choice you are given."
10 "You can tell your God." snapped Sorrowful Fox, "to go jump in a furnace somewhere and burn off his fuzz! Out of courtesy I give you and your ship one day longer to clear our territory than it took you to get here. If it is still within our boundaries by then, we'll vaporize it! I would advise you to make haste back to your transport and head home immediately! Your time begins right now!"
11 "Fool!" screamed the Representative, "You are committing suicide."
12 "You will find," argued Sorrowful Fox, "when we commit suicide we tend to take a lot of our enemies with us. Move!"
13 Even before The Godden ship was leaving orbit, a signal left Hades. "Commence operation 'Desperation" as ordered!" Throughout The Union freighters left their systems. Small colonies were abandoned but for handfuls of defenders that would fight to the death. A quarter of the ships from some colonies sped towards Hades while others massed at the bigger colonies.

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