Chapter Four

So it was The Goddens began to take The Children of Spirit into slavery. Eight seasons passed, and still The Children of Spirit fought on. Some of The Children of Spirit, though, they did not take prisoner. Any female Warlock or High Damon they killed quickly. Fighting women were bad enough, but to Goddens a woman that gave orders to men was an abomination, AND had to be destroyed quickly, for she was something indecent and obscene.
2 The Goddens began a slow, painstaking march towards Hades. Each system they took, they did not leave until it had been thoroughly searched and heavily garrisoned, since captives were kept in the systems to keep The Hashons from blowing up their shelters. But they blew them up anyway.
3 Sorrowful Fox knew, however, that this time The Goddens would not be driven back, though they were hurting them with every system they took, there were just too many of the winged horror.
4 World by world, system by system they came. Finally, again a great fleet approached Haven. Gray Deer, now Supreme Warlock of The Fleet, was summoned to Sorrowful Fox.  "How long can we hold out?" he asked.
5 "We can drive them off once or twice," admitted Gray Deer, "then, there will be nothing to stop them from seizing planet after planet."
6 "Very well," ordered Sorrowful Fox, "we must initiate plan 'END.' All the female Warlocks and Damons and any other women with a position of authority is to be taken up to our best warships. You will do as much damage to the enemy for as LONG as you can, then leap to the remaining colonies. Defend THEM as long as you can and join The Fleet hiding in uncharted space.
7 I know it is hard for you and your fellows to abandon us, but until the coming of The Freer, and, The Shadow Of His Glory, you will keep The Spark of Freedom alive. Be cautious. The Goddens will hunt for you. Do not let them

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