Chapter Five

So it was, The Children of Spirit laid down their arms. The Goddens took Sorrowful Fox to a factory outside the city, tied him hand and foot, and threw him in the furnace. "By the insult he gave our God," they remarked, "so he died." But they did not know the man they executed was an impostor, a member of The Black Death who looked exactly like Sorrowful Fox.
2 The real Sorrowful Fox and his Aides hid in a secret village deep in the desert. There were many of these hiding places. The Goddens would find a few, as the years passed, but most would go undetected until The Freer came.
3 The fighting was not over. The remaining colonies still fought for another four seasons until finally they, too, fell. Sixteen seasons after it had begun the war was over. The Conquest of The Union was complete, physically, but The Goddens would find they faced a worse battle for the minds of their captives.
4 The Lord God forbid any of his people to take Hashons as mates. "The two races," he commanded, "must remain separate. My glorious Angels must not be contaminated with impure blood!"
5 The Haven males, however, continued to brutally use Hashon females. Any that became pregnant by them were either given abortions or killed. A few secretly had their children and hid them away with those The Goddens did not know of.
6 At first The Hashons were treated very bitterly, but soon their skills became needed, and The Lord God gave orders that they be better treated, and their conditions improved.
7 But with each passing season The Hashons' prayers grew stronger that The Freer would come. The Lords would not disappoint them.

Sorrowful Fox

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