Again and again we say that truth is stranger than fiction, and every incident described in this book is absolutely true! These were the glory days for The Children Of The Lords, when Their power was at its strongest, when Its workers could take on forms as solid and real as human beings. Great wonders were done in those days, when there were no electric grids to interfere with Our powers, and no electronic equipment everywhere to dull them. The wonders described here were all real.

There is one small note brought up by one of our long term associates. Years ago, Zeus told us that his ship had broken up, fallen into the Earth's atmosphere, and lay on the ocean bottom as small metallic spheres. But in this account he says the ship fell into the sun. We asked him for clarification on this, and he explained that both reports were true! The main part of the ship had fallen into the sun, but a piece broke off and eighty years later fell into Earth's atmosphere. He did not remember that the main part of the ship had fallen into the sun until we began work on this project. Too many ages have passed, too many things have happened, too many battles have been fought! There are undoubtedly a few things that have been left out, forgotten in the passage of time. But the important things are here, and will now be here as long as The Children Of The Lords exist. For this Book will always be a part of Their History, a tribute to Their Friends.

Speaker Gerald A. Polley
August 15, 2,007
Bismarck, North Dakota, USA

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