30 I sighed. "Look," I managed, "why don't your people use this land next year, and then the year after that his people use it, and then the year after that you use it again. Now wouldn't that be much better than fighting over it and getting a whole bunch of people killed that you might need to fight somebody else even more dangerous?"
31 The two kings looked at each other. "As The Lord Of Olympus has suggested this solution," the smaller one commented, "I think it would be very advantageous to us to follow his suggestions. Not to do so could do us grevious harm!"
32 The other king stared at him and then at me. Finally he remarked "It is a reasonable solution! I will agree to it! Let us return to our camps and have our people set up a tent here so we may celebrate our agreement! Would The Lord Of Olympus not join us, where he has been the arbatrator of this agreement?"
33 "I would be honored to join in your celebration of peace with one another!" I answered, "Provided ten of my men accompany me, and each of you have only ten armed men of your own."
34 The bigger man looked hurt. "I would never have suggested that you come without escort!" he answered. "Good! It is done then! Oh! If you have ladies with you, do bring them! We have heard of the beauty of the goddesses. We would like to see proof of that for ourselves."
35 "Then, our ladies will join us!" I answered.
36 The two kings departed and we headed back to the ships. "Do you think that was wise," Airs asked "arbatrating in their disagreement?"
37 "The way they responded to it," I answered, "it appeared both of them were looking for a way out of the argument. I think they appreciated that I offered a solution. I think we'd better dispense with uniforms. I want to attend this function in my best party robes, and I want my wife in her best gown. Those two nursemaids are the most attractive among our women. We'll bring them along for the kings. You bring that little technician that's been hanging around you. If we're asked to spend some time with their daughters do not refuse them. It might be very dangerous in this culture! But be gentle with them. We don't want any irate fathers, though it will be interesting to see if we can mate with these people."
38 "Understood!" Airs answered.

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