29 He motioned to a very lovely servant girl and sent her over to my man. "Continue your duties," I insisted. "You do not need to withdraw."
30 "Everyone!" the King insisted, "Everyone! Let this not disturb us! Please, my dear, one more tune and then if you would share my bed with me in my tent I would be incredibly honored!"
31 "The honor would be mine!" Aphroditi answered.
32 "I will depart also," the little King remarked. "Would the goddess consider it brazen if an old man would ask her to share his bed? I believe my usual companion is going to be occupied tonight!" He shot a glance towards Creos and Helen's mother.
33 "I would be honored!" my wife answered.
34 Another of the King's daughters came forward. "I know I am a poor substitute," she remarked, "but I would be honored if The King Of The Gods would find me worthy!"
35 "More than so!" I answered.
36 There was one more song and we all departed to our tents. Apparently Creos and Helen's mother would stay right where they were and no one would disturb them. I found the King's daughter more than pleasing, and she seemed surprised by the amount of time we took. Apparently the native men were quick in their love making. She seemed pleased with our way!
37 In the morning I escorted her back to her father's tent, and my wife joined me. "How was it?" I asked.
38 "The first time was a little brief," she answered, "but when he became aware that I was still interested the second time was far more leisurely. He would put some Olympians to shame! His age is deceiving! He is still very vital!"
39 We exchanged grins and headed back for our tents. It would be a while before we returned to our duties. I had an unpleasant one to perform and thought I might as well get it done. I called everyone together.
40 "Posi," I said right out, "you cannot abide with me. You may have four of the ships and we will help you establish a dwelling under the sea. You like the water. You like the creatures of the sea. You can take on their forms. You have lost my ship. We have failed in our mission. Our people may never find us. I cannot abide you. You are welcome to visit because I know you and my wife are dear friends, but keep your distance from me. By all rights I should kill you! I should put you to death here and now! But you are my flesh and I cannot. Cause me no trouble, none at all, because the first time you do and I find out I will kill you, understand that! Now decide who wants to go with you and leave!"
41 Aphroditi quickly stepped to my side. Her unspoken comment was quickly understood by all. She was staying with me. I nodded in approval. A hundred chose to go with my brother, and they quickly departed, looking for a suitable place to begin a dwelling. We, too, began to look for a suitable place. Creos, desiring to be helpful, suggested the top of the people's sacred mountain. "Nobody lives up there," he said, "and there's a nice, flat spot on top!"
42 "Well, if that's where the Gods are supposed to live," I remarked "I suppose that's where we should be!" So we began to build our dwelling. It was soon a thriving community!
43 But as the days in that encampment passed before we became settled, I asked Creos a question. "These people seem friendly and helpful, but they shy away from my son Lornias. I do not understand."
44 Creos went over and looked at my son, who immediately, as usual, wanted him to pick him up. As he held him a look of understanding came on his face. "His skin is dark!" he remarked. "The people here are olive skinned. They consider dark skinned people inferior. They make them slaves, servants. On occasion their courage and honor win them high places, but it is rare. I have some friends to the southwest who are dark skinned. I will take your wife down there in one of your ships and introduce her to their king. I am sure he will arrange to have children come and visit your son so he will have playmates of his own color that will not shun him, and in time some of these people will open to him."
45 "Thank you!" I praised. "Your kindness is very much appreciated. I wish you and Airs were not against each other all the time."
46 "It is just a small rivalry," Creos answered. "He does not like that I am his equal. Our relationship will smooth out, in time!"
47 "I hope so!" I muttered, "I hope so!"

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