16 He soared away. "Reconsider, Paris!" I encouraged. "You don't know what you're doing. If this goes too long
17 Creos may take action. His patience is very limited. As long as you are contained here, he will consider you of little importance. But if you should manage to defeat those coming, he would take action. He would not allow such an evil to be free to roam the land! Remember what his name means; The Great Destroyer, The Killer Of Kings! He once warned me and my fellows not to become his prey. We were wise enough to take that warning! I fear you won't be, and the consequences for all are going to be dire! Creos and his people have worked for ages to make this land civilized. Your lust will set their work back generations, and that will not please Them, that will not please Them at all! And They are our allies. What does not please Them does not please us! No matter how powerful your friends, no matter who they are, if we choose to fight them we can defeat them! Consider how foolish what you are doing is! I know you will not listen, but I have tried to give you good counsel."
18 Not waiting for a reply, I, too, soared away. I began to visit with the allies of Helen's husband encouraging them to join his efforts to retrieve his wife. Most of them heard my counsel and agreed to honor the word they had given when they were courting Helen. But I know we are in for a long period of strife. Much will happen. We can only leave them to their own devices, and let them settle the matter themselves.

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