17 "No!" Paris and his mother screamed. As they watched Helen took a sharp knife, castrated the boy, then sewed up the wounds, then brought the testicles to Paris.
18 "Open his mouth!" she snapped. The guards made Paris open his mouth and Helen made him swallow the testicles. Then she snapped "Put him on the table!"
19 She then castrated Paris and made him swallow his own testicles. "There!" she cried. "Justice is done! That what you abused me for will never be! Your son will never have children. I weep for him, because he was an innocent that had to suffer to pay for his father's crimes. But I weep not for his father, or, for his grandmother. Their fate is to wander the world, going from place to place, asking the hospitality of others, but never being allowed to stay more than a month in one place. When they eventually die, they are to be cremated, and their ashes thrown in the nearest river, so they will wander the seas forever! Let them go!"
20 "I will not live," screamed Paris' mother, "you have taken all my dreams! You have murdered my generations! You are a whore of whores, a witch of witches! You bewitched my son so you could destroy our dreams! My curse upon you, and all your descendants!"
21 Before anyone could stop her she ran to the edge of the parapet and threw herself off. Paris went to the edge, looked down, but backed away. He could not bring himself to end his worthless life. He fell to the ground, weeping.
22 "Tend him," the Greek commander ordered, "until he heals, and then send him away. Send a servant with him to tell all who he is, that he is to be given hospitality, but he is never to be allowed to stay anywhere more than a month. With the queen's permission I will take pity on the boy. I will take him home with me. He will be raised as one of my own, and cared for by my family until the end of his days. I do not think he should be made to wander like his father."
23 "Your kindness is accepted!" Helen answered. "Now, let us all depart for our homes."
24 It would've been good if all had done so honorably. But unfortunately, after the commander sat sail for home some of those that remained desecrated the temple and angered both me and, Creos! So we made their journies home a little bit difficult! Some of the worst did not get home at all! But that is a tale for someone else to tell. I took very little part in it myself. But that was the conclusion of things at Troy. But I had other problems. The discourse between my wife and our first son that was born here, Odin, grew constantly! Odin gathered a considerable following, but would not follow his mother's wishes. My wife had gathered a group of female warriors that Airs had fathered, among a group of female warriors called The Amazons. She made them her sacred warriors, The Valkyrie, and them and Odin's followers battled all the time until Odin won over their leader, Frigga, by using a weapon that my wife had not expected. She fell in love with him and had a male child, Baldar, which was miraculous because the Amazon women only had female children! Odin came to me and asked for one of the ships to move his people to the northwest.
25 "There is no place for us here," he argued. "You have taken all the cities in this area. Each of them is watched over by one of those that came with you. There is no place for us. Let me establish a place for myself among the people in that area, so I will not constantly be quarreling with my mother. "
26 I would have much preferred to keep us together, having sent Hades to create an underground power station where vast amounts of life energy could be generated to sustain us was something that I had not wanted to do. But without additional sources of energy we could not continue to survive here. We simply used too much and it was draining the natives. Hades gathered native workers and created a vast underground complex where microscopic life was grown in huge vats at an accelerated rate, producing raw life energy that was channeled both to Olympus and Posidia. Creos has informed us that it has worked excellently, that the drain on the natives has almost completely disappeared. As long as our people come to Olympus at least once a month to receive a charge of this energy, there should not be any further problems. But sadly, I must report here that two of those who came with us have already died. They were very old, and the strain of this world was simply too much for them. But the loss of two of our numbers already is not good. As soon as some of those who are half native are old enough, some of the men will mate with them to see if we can produce some stronger offspring. My wife has already selected one of Airs' daughters to be my next companion. She thinks there is enough difference between us that it will not be a problem. The girl is all for it! Her name is Pandora. Every time she visits Olympus we have a hard time keeping her out of everything! And everything she finds out she immediately has to tell everybody else! But the need to know how our offspring will fare is important. So I will fulfill my wife's wishes. That is the end of my report for now.

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