she have no reason to quarrel with anyone. That her daily feast be all that she desires, and that she from time to time, be able to look into The Sacred Pool and see that her children are doing well, and are prospering. I know how well
9 You care for those that have entered Your realm with honor and dignity. I ask that You care for my mother in this manner. For she is missed by those that she adored as well as by those that she quarreled with."
10 These are just a few examples of the prayers the computer has recorded. They are endless! There are some serious ones, that I have felt it necessary to answer myself. Unfortunately, not all those who live in the lands that we watch over are just and honorable. Sometimes I have to deal with some harsh situations. But the people never complain that I am unjust. They often say they prefer my judgment to that of Creos. And knowing Creos that is quite understandable!
11 Speaking of Creos, he says there are difficulties coming. The creatures of Darkness are raising an Empire to the east, that they intend to use to conquer the world, and the people here are going to be right in their way! If things go the way they appear they will , we're in for a long period of struggle. Well, I am not one that is afraid of struggle, but sometimes I wonder why Creos does not take a more direct hand in some situations. His answer always is "If we do everything for these people in the end they will be helpless. They must learn to fight for themselves, to overcome their own difficulties, or they will be so weak they will perish. We must be very careful how we do things!" I cannot deny his wisdom, though sometimes I would like to act a little bit more boldly. Sometimes I would like to act a LOT more boldly! But protecting a child so he was able to grow up, return to his kingdom, and slay his sadistic father seemed to have worked out rather well. Though I'm a little bit upset that he got so close to his mother. Things do not go exactly as you want them to sometimes! How many times has Creos warned me of that?

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