Chapter 18

As I continue my report fifty more years have gone by, and as was believed we have not yet lost any more of our numbers. But we are losing something far more important, that has enabled us to give tremendous support to our native allies. Our ships are beginning to give out, our ability to pick up four-hundred troops with all their weapons and deliver them to a gathering army has been a tremendous advantage! But the power systems on our ships. We are able to make replacements with native materials, but they will only provide power for an hour, without sunlight, barely time in some circumstances, to make a safe landing in bad weather conditions! Where my brother has his dwellings under water, the ships that can fully function must be given to him.
2 We will not be able to supply provisions and reinforcements to our allies in the field as we have done before. As long as the weather is good during the day, and we have the sun, we will be able to function. But to make matters even worse, the air refreshing units are giving out! We can make breathers for the pilots to use so they can go above bad weather, but we can't make enough to carry full loads of troops at high altitude. So again this makes it necessary for us to operate in good weather, where we can fly at low altitudes and circulate air through the ships so the passengers can breathe. It will make difficulties, we are sure, but we believe we can work around it right now and keep things functioning.
3 I had an idea that I suggested to Creos, one that we often used on worlds we were colonizing. Every few years we would have atheletic competitions, so that people that had rivalries could work out their aggressions against each other in a peaceful manner. I suggested to him that we organize games between our allies that they engage in friendly competition, rather than armed combat. Creos loved the idea! Oddly, it is something that he has never thought of! For once I was ahead of him on something, which is much to the gratifications of us in Olympus! The idea is rapidly taking hold among the natives! They are beginning to be called The Games Of Olympus.
4 We tried to encourage that women take part in The Games, also, but the natives could not accept this and as many of the contestants have a tendency to compete in the nude because they feel it gives them better freedom of movement, it might be a good idea! It has caused one bit of trouble, however, because when Airs was explaining some of the competitions to a group of young princes standing around with nothing on but a smile, one of them offered his body to Airs, for whatever pleasure he wanted with it. Airs showed his displeasure by taking a sword and lobbing off the young man's head, then and there, making it very obvious to the others that this was not to be offered again! The prince's father asked Airs never to return to his kingdom again! He could not understand why a young man had to be treated so brutally because he made a simple suggestionAirs told him it would be his pleasure never to return to his lands again, because those that ruled them were not true men!
5 The King sent to me and asked for an apology. I told him none was coming. The King has withdrawn from support of our efforts, and allied himself with those opposing us. "We won't worry about it," Creos assured me. "The next time there's a good sized battle I'll simply see to it the whole family's wiped out! It will be a good example to others." I have little doubt he will do just that! Evil leaders managed to get control of some areas for a while, but in one way or another Creos eliminates them. As I warned an idiot some time ago, he is not called The Killer Of Kings for nothing!
6 We have had ten more children since my last report. My wife continues to be frustrated that we are so failing to carry on our Olympian duties.
7 The only joy we have had is my latest native companion, Phyllis, who has produced eight fine children. She is a descendant of one of our crewmen so already carries some of our blood and her children are showing great ability, taking good positions among the natives and accomplishing much.
8 My wife is arranging yet another companion, but I have told her I do not know if I can handle two at once! She has answered, "You're not that old!" But I am beginning to feel that I am. The years are going by too quickly! More of the first generation of our children have died. They simply do not have our longevity. But they have produced strong and vital children. Though, in a few cases those children, as they matured have turned into monsters that are not even recognizable as any of our ancestral races! Those that are members of royal families are being hidden away and cared for by their families. Those that desire human flesh are being fed condemned criminals who have committed hainous crimes. Both I and Creos have warned their parents they are to be fed nothing else, no slaves and especially no virgins as seems to be the custom with some of these people.
9 I, myself, killed one King who had his priests sacrifice a young girl to me. I came down, stood on his wall, and shot him and his priests before all of his people. I think they got the message! They put up a mural of me floating in the clouds and hurling thunderbolts at the King, slaying him so future generations would not consider following his example. I will continue my report in the future.

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