his helmet, fell to his knees, and held out his sword to his brother. His brother took it and raised it as if he would strike, then trembled, tossed it aside, fell to his knees before his brother, embraced him, and began to weep. Herakles too, wept. After a long time his brother pulled back and began to kiss him passionately. Herakles pushed him away.
38 "We had better have none of that!" he remarked. His brother nodded. They rose, gathered their weapons and left the fortress. Neither of them would ever set foot in it again.
39 The King's chief captain, who had been out gathering his taxes with twenty of the King's men returned and met them on the road. "You are now my steward," the young King told him. "You may have the fortress. I will make a place for my mother and I at the village where Herakles is to live. You may bring me payment each year and I will tell you of how it is to be dispersed among the estate."
40 "What has happened? the man asked.
41 "My father," the young King answered, "killed my brother's wife and his children. My brother avenged them. That is all that will ever be said of it. Bury the dead in unmarked graves. My father will have no royal tomb. He does not deserve it!"
42 "I hear and obey!" the steward answered. "Praise the Gods I was not home tonight!"
43 "Yes, indeed!" Herakles agreed. "I have always liked you. I would not have enjoyed killing you!"
44 The two brothers walked off with the men watching them. These are the first of my son's adventures. He now travels the world performing missions for Creos and is making quite a name for himself though he has definitely had a poor beginning and not deserved because though they say he is hard and callus he truly has a great heart.

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