14 So, begrudgingly the men fought them. The battle only lasted three hours. But by the end of it over 100 of the Amazon women lay moaning. Diana offered Herakles hospitality. And as soon as the other women regained their senses they, too, offered the men comfort. But Theseus came forward and insisted that he have the princess. Herakles, not wanting to upset his betrothed by fathering Amazon daughters, gave her over. Theseus proved to be such a great lover that the Amazon princess departed with him to live with him in his land until his days passed.
15 "Rarely," remarked the Amazon queen, "do we see men such as these!"
16 King Eurystheus was pleased! Again Herakles had performed a task and he had received no real trouble from it! But as soon as his daughter bore her child, a beautiful llittle girl, she killed her husband, who was a brute of a man, and left to join The Amazons who welcomed her graciously! The King was furious because his son in law's family was demanding justice. "Well, if you want to dispense justice to my daughter," he told them, "go to the land of The Amazons and do so! I give you my leave! My daughter's justice is your responsibility!" Of course no one in the family was fool enough to challenge The Amazons! But he was running out of children. He had only the one daughter and two sons left. And neither of those sons were too bright! One was a drunkard and the other played with boys which even the King disapproved of! Again, Herakles' labors were costing him greatly!

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