Chapter 30

Another hundred years has passed since my last report. Another seventy-nine of us are gone, among them, my beloved wife, and almost all of the second generation that was born here have also died. I do not know what more I can tell. There are so few of us left that we have given up Olympus. I have destroyed it. I keep only a small secret dwelling now, where I abide by myself when I am not wandering the world visiting the few of us that remain elsewhere, scattered among the natives. But with each passing day those I have to visit with become less and less.
2 I have had one final affair with the wife of King Philip of Macedonia, and she has bore me a fine son who I secretly visit from time to time. He is the descendant of several other members of the crew, so already has a great deal of Olympian heritage. But I know I will not be here in another hundred years to make another report. I was the youngest in the crew. All the others that were approximately my age are dying off. I will not be far behind them.
3 Again, I ask that if anyone from my people should come to this world, that they take this record of the fate of my crew and myself back to our people so they will know what has happened to us. The commander of the third scout ship salutes you! It is my hope that The Olympiad flourishes and that the Olympian ideal of joining the many together to become a greater one shall endure forever. The Great Lords be with you all! May Their wisdom guide you, as it has guided me. I give you my farewells.

4 This is Creos, a representative of The Spiritist Republic, making one final notation in this record for the descendants of this valiant crew. Lord Zeus, as we have come to call him, joined the rest of his crew in The Afterlife the day his son Alexander, who came to be called The Great, became king of Macedonia. In The Afterlife Zeus continued to be a great teacher, giving his wisdom to many in various parts of this world. His Kingdom, I believe shall flourish for untold ages, and in time, The Olympians may yet have a flourishing colony in this galaxy. For the souls of this crew now wait with Us for the time of Awakening, when We all shall return to the stars! But this record of your Peoples' accomplishments is here for you. For I do not believe that Their efforts were in vain. I believe They assisted Us greatly in guiding these people to a civilized state. From the people of The Spiritist Republic I send you Their deepest regards, and, Their thanks that Your people came this way. For They came as a blessing, and, as friends, and They shall always be cherished!



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