20 "Number Two," I snapped, "I give you command! I am going to my quarters. If I am needed I may be summoned there. I will advise the ship of any movements I make so you will know where I am at all times."
21 "Understood, sir!" the Number Two snapped back.
22 I teleported to my quarters and spent some time examining everything. The refit had obviously included the latest upgrades in entertainment facilities. I would enjoy watching the latest movie on the holographic screen which filled a whole wall and would produce life size scenes! My wife joined me and asked if I'd had our things brought up yet. I said "No," and we went to our closets. "Ship!" I commanded, "Kindly lock on to my i.d. tag. Lock on to my belongings at my present quarters and have them teleported aboard."
23 "Proceeding with given instructions!" the ship answered.
In a few moments all of my clothes appeared in my closet, and my personal belongings appeared in my quarters in the approximate positions where they had been in my residence!
24 "My compliments, ship!" I acknowledged.
25 My wife repeated the process and her belongings appeared.
26 "Now," she remarked, "I'm going to get undressed, take a quick shower, and get in that comfortable looking bed! Remember your promise! Even though we have been assigned to this vessel, I'm still due another child, and we have put it off long enough! We must continue the glory of The Olympia!"
27 "I'm not sure," I answered, "a ship like this is a good place for children. I would prefer we wait until we have had a few missions. What is a couple of years?"
28 "A couple of years!" my wife answered. "I am not happy unless I am fulfilling my duty! My medical duties are not impaired by my being pregnant! And this ship has plenty of surplus capability. And where we are sharing quarters I can bring on several extra crew members to be nursemaids, so that the baby will not disturb our rest. You know regulations permit this! We had an agreement! Must we begin this mission with the ship's Commander defaulting on a promise?"
29 I shrugged. "All right!" I answered, "All right! I am opening the passageways. We will take no precautions. Let the fates fall where they will!"
30 "I'll be pregnant within a month!" my wife answered. She headed off and I sighed again. The traditions of The Olympia are strong. Even sometimes when you want to wait tradition will not let you. I would not doubt that in a few months virtually every female member of my crew would be pregnant! But as long as they could perform their duties I could not interfere. If I did there was little question I would lose my command!

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