May 31, 2,007

John Lennon has been channeling new songs and messages through internationally known psychics Speakers Linda & Gerald Polley of Bismarck, North Dakota, USA, since 9/9/99. John has always loved listening to Gerald's fiction stories and enjoys writing songs to go in them. His most popular to date from these stories has been "Whacko The Clown" which The Polleys sang on ABC TV's "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!" in 2,004. There is one song that The Polleys never used which John wrote but it is giving Everyone courage in the Afterlife through an unusual set of circumstances! Some of the oddest things can happen as the years go by! As The Kingdom Of God rallies after this great battle a song is being sung about a group of young soldiers that never really existed but somehow this song that was written for a book that never got finished has become one of the greatest rallying songs in The Afterlife! It is so strange, sometimes, how things happen! Somebody started writing a story, somebody wrote a song to go in it, the story got lost, the song survived and now is being used to rally The Forces to save the world! Now, if anybody thinks that The Polleys could've made this up, that Gerald & Linda could've planned it, they've got to be out of their minds! Nobody could ever dream anything like this up! It makes no sense! That's why it's just so phenomenal! Anyway here's the song that's rallying The Afterlife. Below is an audio demo and the lyrics. If you have any comments or questions about this song you can email Speaker Polley at

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200 'GAINST 3,000
By; John Lennon
Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. Oh, come and hear the story of brave Republic men,
200 'gainst 3,000,
200 they would win,
200 Republic soldiers,
'gainst 3,000 Union men.

2. Young Comanche warriors
dressed in Republic brown
Young Comanche warriors there they held their ground.
200 'gainst 3,000 200 they would win,
200 Comanche warriors
stood their ground to win.

3. The enemy cried "Surrender!" they answered "Go to hell!"
200 Republic soldiers, stood their ground and held,
On that road near Redding they stopped the Union men.
200 Comanche warriors brave Republic men.

4. Those Union boys kept coming in wave on pounding wave,
But young Republic warriors held their ground that day,
On that road near Redding the Union it did end,
Young Republic warriors swore that they would win.

5. The enemy commander a white flag he did raise,
and with his final strength, Saluted them that day,
Then 600 Union soldiers turned and fled away,
On that road near Redding a legend it was made.

6. 27 Republic warriors lived to tell the tale,
Of young Comanche warriors, who stood their ground and held,
They turned that road near Redding into a blazing hell,
Though they were afraid and many of them fell.

7. The Union it was beaten, on that hot July day,
Their reinforcements finished, they couldn't make the way,
On the ridge the next morning the surrender came,
200 Republic soldiers, They had saved the day.

8. On that road near Redding, history was made,
By 200 young recruits who'd never fought a day,
They stood their ground and held, in ten hours of blazing hell.

9. They broke the Union Army forever will we tell,
Of young Comanche warriors, the bravest of the brave,
who held that road near Redding on that hot July day.

***The story that John Lennon wrote this song for is now online! It was his Christmas present to the world in 2,008. He would like to find a Hollywood producer who would make it into a movie and fund God's efforts in California. Know anybody? Here's the link!***

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