Below are the lyrics to John Lennon's tribute to the 40th anniversary of The Beatles' first visit to America. It was written in The Afterlife in Heaven. There is a link to an audio demo underneath the lyrics sung by Speaker Linda Polley, accompanying herself on her keyboard.

By; John Lennon
Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

It was 40 years ago
that we came to make the show!
It's hard to believe we've
been around so long!
Thanks to you for liking our songs,
 keepin' our music goin' strong!
We're so glad that we can still make people smile!
 Though we haven't come together for a while.

1.  The things that we've been through!
 The things we used to do!
 It seemed no matter what we did we rocked!
Oh, how the girls would scream!
 We'd really make them dream!
But why did they steal old Ringo's sock?

2. Though we've changed the styles we wear,
 and the way we combed our hair,
Thanks to our fans we'll always be around!
Some people thought we were too weird!
Some thought we were to be feared!
Our fans just say they thought we had a sound!

3.  From Liverpool to Tokyo,
it seems no matter where you go,
Everybody knows our faces and our names!
Well, we tried to keep doin' our best,
But we never would've guessed
That The Beatles would have this kind of fame!

4.  Now, no matter what we do,
we'll always be grateful to you,
You're always in our thoughts and fill our souls!
And through our music we'll always be
a part of history!
As long as fans keep playin' that rock n' roll!

(Repeat Chorus To End.)

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