By; John Lennon
Channeled Through;  Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

Good-bye Davis!
You sure had a lot of mouth!
Good-bye Davis!
'Cause now you're headin' south!
Good-bye Davis!
Watch out for the angry mobs!
Good-bye Davis!
It looks like you're out of a job!

1.  You thought the people loved you,
and that you were the one.
But everyone loves Arnold,
now I'm afraid your work here is done.

2.  You messed up big time, Davis,
now Arnold's the California Gov.!
God sent us down His Angels,
and the people knew who Heaven  loved!

3. Of all the people running
God knew that Arnold was the best!
You had your time there, Davis,
but your honesty has failed the test!

4.  Bustamante thought he'd get in,
he really thought he had a share!
But the casinos and the women made him lose,
he didn't really have a prayer!

5.  Now Arnold 's the Governor,
and Heaven It is doing well!
California listened to the Angels,
told The Democrats to go to Hell!
(Repeat Chorus To End.)

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