Channeled Through Internationally Known Psychic Speaker Linda Polley, Who, Along With Her Husband Speaker Gerald Polley, Also An Internationally Known Psychic, Has Worked With The Spirit Of John Lennon, Formerly Of The Beatles, since 9/9/99.

October 12, 2,005

John Lennon's birthday Sunday, October 9th,  created a bit of a mystery.  John started singing a new song and dedicating it to a friend.  But no one could relate it to anyone, and John refused to say outright, who the song was for.  The only one we know of that uses the name Knight is The Black Knight, James Arthur Janick, who has a Sunday night radio show on the internet.

If it is this individual his efforts must've made quite an impression for John to write a song about him so quickly!  He did use quite a bit of John's new material last weekend.  But it is unusual for John to write a song like this and not say who it's for.  We can't think of who else it could be.  Feel free to send any comments or questions you have to

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By; John Lennon
Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1.  Well, he's a Knight, he's a Knight,
And he hasn't got a sword!
He's a Knight, yes, he's a Knight,
he's fightin' for The Lord!
He's heard of the Glory,
He's fightin' for The Cause!
Yes, he's a knight,
and he's fightin' for The Lord!

2.  You know he's got the power,
The power from The Lord!
Yes he's a Knight,
And he never needs a sword!
He's gonna tell the Glory,
of the servant of The Lord!
He's gonna raise the power,
The power of The Lord!

3.  You know he's got the Glory
The Word Of The Lord!
You know he's a Knight,
Though he never needs a sword!
Come and hear The Glory,
He's speaking for The Lord!
He has got The Glory,
The Glory Of The Lord!

He's a Knight!

*  *  *

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