Pope John Paul arrived in The Kingdom Of God and willingly made the standard denouncements required by Catholics, entered in, and was greeted by Jesus, who praised the efforts of his life though they disagreed on some things. John Paul then went to rest and his associates told him what had been going on in the last few years, and of the heroic efforts of John Lennon in the service of The Lord Of Heaven. John Paul immediately went back to Jesus and asked Him to be introduced to John. Jesus did so immediately. The picture below is a representation of that meeting. Later The Pope and John had a private discussion, with John telling him in his own words, all that had happened. Throughout The Pope kept repeating "God bless and keep you! God bless and keep you!" At the conclusion The Pope mentioned that he knew John was on strike, wasn't officially producing any more songs, but that his people were pleading for John to do a song for him, would he please break his strike and fulfill the peoples' wishes? John replied "Come with me!" took John Paul to his balcony, summoned Beatles & Friends, and they quickly put together a song. There seems to be an instant friendship building between these two servants of The Lord Of Heaven!

Below are the lyrics to the song John Lennon wrote for Pope John Paul II. Above them is a link to an audio demo of the song, sung by Speaker Linda J. Polley, who accompanies herself on her keyboard. It works best on Windows Media Player. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do, and Everyone in The Afterlife does!

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By; John Lennon

Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. It's so good to meet you, John Paul!
You beat the worst of them all!
You beat the Darkness with The Light,
You really showed the might!
It's so good to meet you John Paul!

2. You made the dark walls fall!
Yes, you beat the worst of them all!
The dark towers they came down,
As you won your crown.
It's so good to meet you, John Paul!

3. Everyone is calling your name,
Tell of the glory you made!
All the things that you have done
Are shining in the sun!
It's so good to meet you, John Paul!

(Repeat to end and end with)
It's so good to have you with us, John Paul!

* * *

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