September 10, 2,005

John Lennon formerly of the rock band The Beatles, has written another song  in The Afterlife, this one is concerning  hurricane Katrina that destroyed most of the southeastern coast of The United States in August, 2,005.    Internationally known psychic Linda J. Polley, of Bismarck, North Dakota, who has worked with the spirit of John Lennon since 9/9/99 has channeled it to help the world understand the reason why this horrible disaster happened and hopefully give inspiration to the people of The U.S.A. and help save the world .  If you have any comments or questions about this song you can email Speaker Polley at

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The Song Lyrics Are Below.


By; John Lennon
Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1.  You may have all your guns,
and smart bombs that go boom,
all the airplanes and tanks
and anything that goes zoom,
with all the weapons of destruction
You think wars you will win. But

God has the rain and the wind!
There's no way that evil can win.
To clean up the mess that the world is in,
God has the rain and the wind!

2.  Just like in days long ago
when  those old flood waters came,
Now it's in different places,
but the reason's the same.
It doesn't matter your race,
or the way you spell your name.

3.  Know wherever you go now,
There's always something true.
There's a Force that is stronger
than anything man can do.
That if you listen to God,
God will listen to you.

(Repeat Chorus To End.)

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