Pays Tribute To
On Their 230th Anniversary
With A New Song From Heaven.

November 11, 2,005

Internationally known psychic Linda J. Polley, of Bismarck, North Dakota, who has worked with the Spirit of John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles, since 9/9/99 has channeled a new song written by him in praise of The United States Marine Corps on their 230 anniversary.  John has been so busy that he didn't realize it was the anniversary until someone asked him if he would write a song for the marines at a recent concert with his new band Beatles & Friends.  The Kingdom Of God is extremely appreciatiave of what the marines have done in Iraq and other places throughout history.  John wanted to honor them so he put this little tribute together quickly.  He borrowed the music from Johann Sebastian Bach's "Here's To The Warriors" because he is simply overwhelmed lately and could not come up with anything original.  But we hope these lyrics can be gotten to those who serve with pride.  They are heartfelt from an admirer. Feel free to send any comments or questions you have to 

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By; John Lennon

Channeled Through: Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

Here's to my heroes
to the finest of the fine!
Here's to the heroes
those out on the line!
Here's to my heroes
to the finest of the fine!

1.  With the eagle, globe
and anchor
Let their banner fly!
Forever come with honor
where evil did abide.
In blazing heat of summer,
in winter's numbing cold,
That banner always fluttered,
you know it wouldn't move.

2.  Here's to my heroes,
to the finest of the fine!
Wherever their name is mentioned
it brings honor to the mind.
When the word Marine is spoken
they know the bravest of the brave,
Wherever it is uttered
men are not afraid.

3.  Here's to my heroes,
to the ones who stop the pain,
Here's to my heroes,
none ever died in vain.
Where ever they have fallen
now is sacred ground,
Here's to my heroes,
to the bravest ones around!

(To be said softly with dignity.)

*  *  *

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