As Speaker Polley writes his stories he often puts a song in them. As he wrote his recent "Walker: Texas Ranger" story to please John Lennon, it told about a fictional t.v. show called "Morgan; U.S. Marshall," which the characters in the story with Ranger Walker wrote.
The story ends with Ranger Walker, his associates, and his new friends singing the theme song in C.D.'s bar. When Speaker Polley went to work on the song John Lennon said "No! No! Please let me write it?" And Speaker Polley said "Well, o.k.! Cool!" So John Lennon quickly made up a theme song, and it's pretty good. See what you think.

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By; John Lennon
Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. If you're on the run you'd better hide, son,
There's a man who's comin' and he's got a gun!
There's no place to hide, there's no place to run.
The US Marshall's gonna get you, son!

2. His name is Morgan he's a US Marshall,
To right and justice he's kind of partial.
If he finds you you'd better not fight,
For if you do it will end your flight.

His name is Morgan, he's a US Marshall,
to right and justice he's kind of partial.
If you're good he's gonna shake your hand,
If you're not, he's gonna cuff ya, man!

4. If you're on the run you'd better watch it son,
For the US Marshall's gonna end your run!
(Repeat Chorus To End.)

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