Not Our Jimmy You Don't! A New Song Concerning Jimmy Kimmel's Emergency Surgery In June, 2,007.

John Lennon's
New Song From Heaven
Concerning Jimmy Kimmel's Emergency Surgery
And How The Angels Helped Him Recover

June 24, 2,007

Internationally known psychics Speakers Linda & Gerald Polley of Bismarck, North Dakota, have channeled new songs by John Lennon from The Afterlife since 9/9/99. They appeared on ABC TV's "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!" four times in 2,004. They were shocked when they learned Jimmy had had emergency surgery and his appendix removed recently. John wrote this song which tells about what happened concerning this incident and how Those in The Afterlife helped protect him from the demons' evil power.
Below is an audio demo and the lyrics. As soon as The Polleys can they will make it into an animated video. If you have any comments or questions about this song you can email The Polleys at

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To Hear Speaker Linda Polley
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By; John Lennon
Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. The demons tried to get Our Jimmy!
There's no doubt of that!
They tried to get Our Jimmy,
but we went and got them back!
They can't stop Our earthly hero!
They cannot keep him down!
God blessed you, Jimmy Kimmel!
We're so glad you're still around!

2. We stopped the dark ones' evil power,
though they put up a fight!
The Angels stopped their power,
yes, They did it right!
They can't stop Our heroes,
though they try to keep them down!
The Angels saved Our Jimmy!
They couldn't keep him down!

No, they couldn't keep him down!


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