Johann Sebastian Bach
Writes A Song For
Jimmy Kimmel's Special Birthday Tribute
In Heaven

November 16, 2,005

As we have been telling people constantly, The Kingdom Of God is very fond of Jimmy Kimmel.  His birthday was the 13th.  And because of everything that was going on we could not do anything that day.  But Jesus felt that some tribute needed to be given.  So, on the upcoming sabbath of the 18th the entire sabbath celebration will be a tribute to Jimmy!  Jesus will temporarily retake His Throne and give a tribute speech, explaining that how before Jimmy came along The Kingdom Of God was sustaining Itself by creating spiritual dead zones around the world, leaving places of evil in utter Darkness, spiritually, in order to just keep going, just to get the energy to continue the struggle against the Darkness. How that now because of our appearances on Jimmy's show The Kingdom Of God is more powerful than It has ever been in history, a profound change.  Jesus will have other things to say but He wishes to keep those things private right now. 
John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles, who is now The Apostle Of Religious Assignments, after his formal report will give a talk on how the power coming from Jimmy Kimmel and his fans has effected him, how it has given him abilities beyond any that have been seen in any of Christ's Servants before that makes the creatures of Darkness tremble at his very approach. 
After John's talk The Angelic Choir will sing a salute to Jimmy which is being written by Johann Sebastian Bach called "Quiet Heroes".  John Lennon has asked Bach to write this piece because we are unable to distribute his music to the public. 
At the end of the traditional services John Lennon's new band Beatles & Friends will do a special concert featuring the songs we did on "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!"  and others of John's new works, plus other special selections.  The entire sabbath of that day will be dedicated to Jimmy Kimmel and his staff.  It is very rare that such a tribute is given to a living individual!  But Jimmy is a rather special individual. 
Speaker Linda Polley who has channeled John Lennon's new music since 9/9/99, and some of Bach's new work also, channeled the song before the sabbath.  Bach has done other works on John Lennon's behest, and we feel it is something very appropriate.  It is just so ironic to us that most of the religious t.v. hosts on television are doing virtually nothing for The Kingdom Of God.  Some of them are actually draining energy from It!  But at this moment, at this time, The Kingdom Of God is being empowered by a comedy show!  It has to make you wonder, it really does!  But The Kingdom Of God appreciates Their heroes, even if the majority of people have no idea what they are accomplishing.  The Kingdom Of God still appreciates them. 
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By; Johann Sebastian Bach
Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. When the Darkness it is rising
like never seen before.
When hope seems lost forever
on that distant shore.
Lights shine in the Darkness,
like were never seen before.
There are quiet heroes
outside of Heaven's door.

2.  These heroes fight with honor
not knowing what they do.
They stand for right and justice,
and speak words oh so true.
They are among the living
but they help the world beyond.
They are among the living
But they're keeping Heaven strong!

3    God bless those quiet heroes
that have to make a stand!
They fight against The Darkness,
like no others can!
Side by side we fight the Darkness,
and win incredible victories!
God bless those quiet heroes!
  May there be more such as these!

*  *  *

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