Writes A Song For
Rosa Parks

 In Heaven

October 26, 2,005

Heaven's latest hero, John Lennon, has written a song praising Rosa Parks, one of the leaders of the civil rights movement now being honored in Heaven, who John has always admired.  He borrowed the music from his tribute to Jimmy Kimmel, but he doesn't think Jimmy will mind.  He just did not have time to come up with new music.  The song is below.  We hope everybody likes it.  The person it is for deserves all the praise she can be given.  Many people think what she did was a small thing, but it was not.  It was one of the most incredible acts of courage of our age, and should be praised always!  Feel free to send any comments or questions you have to

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By; John Lennon
Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1.  Rosa!  Rosa!
God He took your hand!
Rosa!  Rosa!
Yes, you took command!
Evil it was everywhere,
There were dark and evil men.
But Rosa!  Rosa!
You said it had to end!

2.  Others wouldn't take the fight,
They wouldn't make a stand.
But Rosa!  Rosa!
Our hero took command!
You weren't a mighty warrior,
You weren't a person in command.
You were just a seamstress,
But you had to make a stand!
Rosa!  Rosa!
You were the finest in the land!

3.  You went before the judges
And said "This isn't fair!"
I'm a human being,
I can sit anywhere!"
And the judges listened,
They said "This isn't fair!"
Rosa!  Rosa!
God He took your hand!
 Rosa!  Rosa!
You're welcome to His land!

4.  You brought down the mighty,
Yes, you saved the land!
Rosa!  Rosa!
How did you make your stand?


*  *  *

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