October 18, 2,006

Internationally known psychic Linda J. Polley, of Bismarck, North Dakota, who has worked with the Spirit of John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles, since 9/9/99 has channeled over 140 new songs by him that he has written in The Afterlife! Below are the audio demo and song lyrics of one of these songs that he wrote for the 2,002 mid term elections that helped save the world, which is being rereleased because it still holds an important message for American voters today. Though conditions in Heaven have greatly improved since then, the battle to save the world from evil continues. There is still the need to make people understand the truth, and keep the world going for a long, long time. Linda Polley has sung this song on several radio stations around the country by phone. We hope you enjoy it and people will accept its important message in the 2,006 Mid Term Elections. Feel free to send any comments or questions you have to 

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By; John Lennon
Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1.  Heaven It is dying,
Everything's in quite a mess!
If you want to have a world left
There's something that I'd strongly suggest!

If you want there to be Heaven
you'd better vote Republican!

2.  Jesus won't take His Throne
'cause Hillary is such a witch!
Teddy wants to run
but he's got the Chappaquiddick itch!
(Repeat Chorus)

3.  Don't you know the Democrats
are really, really in a fix,
Their  leaders are even accusin'
President Bush of playin' dirty politics!
(Repeat Chorus)

4.  The stock market's gettin' bad now,
the government's really in the red!
Social security doesn't matter much
if everybody here is dead.
(Repeat Chorus)

5.  The companies want to donate
but their books are such a mess!
Who knows what's gonna happen now?
The future's anybody's guess!
(Repeat Chorus To End)


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