John Lennon, who has been channeling new songs and messages through internationally known psychics Speakers Linda & Gerald Polley of Bismarck, North Dakota, USA, since 9/9/99 has written a song honoring the victims at Virginia Tech. It is his message to all their families. It came through Linda J. Polley April 18, 2,007 and had so much power behind it that they had to send it out immediately! The lyrics just hit you like a hammer! It is below. Please, please share it with others, especially the victims' families.
Also, The Polleys wanted to mention that John Lennon and his wife Mary Marie and Pope John Paul and his female companion have been giving healing to the wounded at Virginia Tech. It is understandable that they both have a special bond with gunshot victims. Everyone in The Afterlife is amazed at the extent of their abilities to the living! We hope everyone will enjoy the song demo and lyrics. If you have any comments or questions about this song you can email Speaker Polley at

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By; John Lennon
Channeled Through: Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. You know it's not the guns,
you know they're not to blame,
It's the person holding them
that's what is the shame!
We've taught our children not to care,
to think only of themselves.
We've taught them to be evil,
we're sending them to hell!

2. I was shot by a lunatic
a man who wanted fame,
But now people say
"Forgive him and let it go away!"
The victim is forgotten
he doesn't matter now,
Forgive the one that did it,
and let him woo the crowds!

3. Let him make a million
telling what he's done,
Let him be the favorite
of all America's sons.
Somehow we have to stop this!
We mustn't praise their names!
We have to stop this evil
and give to them the blame!

4. Yes, they are the evil ones!
Yes, they are the shame!
We must never let them profit,
we must never let them gain!
Come on everybody,
answer to my call!
Do not make them heroes!
Make the villians fall!

5. Do not give them glory!
Do not praise their names!
Do not say forgive them,
but make them live their pain!
Don't let them make a profit
on the things they've done,
But remember the victims
that died before their guns.

6. Now you've heard my story,
all my words are done!
Yes, I was a victim,
the victim of a gun!
But I don't blame the weapon,
God, I blame the man!
Because he was something evil
that was walking through my land!

Don't forget the victims of
the weapons in their hands!

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