Music Videos Featuring Songs From The Afterlife
Channeled Through
Internationally Known Psychics Linda & Gerald Polley

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Songs By John Lennon

The Afterlife Song
1.75 MB

Here's To The Army!
3.76 MB

You Can Knock Those Towers Down
2.24 MB

Jimmy At The Music Awards!
A song by John & His Fans For Jimmy Kimmel.
***Dick Clark Had This Video Taken Down Because He Says It Violated His Copyrights.
What A Sad World!***

Michael, Our Dear Michael!
A Tribute To Michael Jackson.
4.88 MB

They Fight For Heaven!
6.19 MB
A Song For The True Anglicans
Separating From The Anglican Church
That Is Sodomizing Their Children.

We've Got Lots Of Friends Around Here!
John Lennon & George Harrison thank our friends for
donating the money for Linda's new keyboard.
6.60 MB

John Lennon's Message: "Remember The Springtime"
A message from John Lennon in The Afterlife
to a special lady he left behind in the material world.
Sung by Gerald A. Polley.
7.09 MB

Come And Save The Children
This important and beautiful song was channeled through internationally known psychic
Linda J. Polley May 8, 2,000 but is being rereleased in 2,007 against the anti war effort.
4.87 MB

The Wonder Of My Life
John's Valentine's Day 2,007 gift for his wife Mary Marie.
Sung by Gerald A. Polley.
4.37 MB

Songs By Kurt Cobain

2.27 MB

Large Version 3.95 MB

Come On, California!
3.45 MB

They're The Air Force Pride!
A Tribute To The American Armed Forces.
5.45 MB

Are They Prophets Or Are They Not?
Concerning an ongoing good natured argument in The Afterlife
About Gerald & Linda Polley.

4.01 MB

The Battle Is Raging!
At last! The complete version of Kurt's song
for the people of Ellsworth, Maine.
featuring a brand new video made on July 4, 2,007.
Sung by Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley.

4.44 MB

Come On, Americaa!
The Kingdom Of God's Song
Against Illegal Immigration.
2.75 MB

Songs By Johann Sebastian Bach
Click On The Song Titles Below. The First Two Go
To Pages Featuring The Song Lyrics & Links To The Videos.

Here's To The Warriors!

Poppa Poppa Zing Zing Zing!

We Need Our Dear John
Johann's tribute to his friend John Lennon.
7.33 MB

Songs By George Harrison

The Tuke Song
A Fun Song About A Canadian Hat!
(Lyrics By A Friend In The Material World, Music By George Harrison.)
1.86 MB

Songs By Frank Sinatra

Because of the sudden loss of energy that
The Kingdom Of God has suffered because we said HIV causes AIDS,
Frank Sinatra,who has not done any major performances since his death
did a major one in The Afterlife to try to raise power for The Kingdom Of God.
This is the opening song that he sang at the concert, in February, 2,007,
which he cowrote with John Lennon after his death.
It is being released to make the public aware of what is going on.
4.42 MB

Songs By Jesus Of Nazareth, Called The Christ

The Lambipoos
An adorable tribute to Heaven's Earthly hero Jimmy Kimmel
to bring more spiritual energy into The Afterlife.
1.44 MB


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