You may have seen Speakers Gerald & Linda  Polley four times last year on ABC TV's "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!" where they performed new songs Linda channeled from Heaven by John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles. Though John is currently officially on strike, because Yoko Ono has denied The Polleys permission to put his new songs out on CDs he has sent a few songs to them on special occasions.  The latest below Speaker Linda Polley channeled on March 21, 2,005.  John wrote it to thank all of Jimmy Kimmel's fans for sending the spiritual energy to The Afterlife after The Polleys were on the show, which is actually helping to save the world!    Read the lyrics below and check out Linda's audio demo.  Feel free to send any comments or questions you have to


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By; John Lennon

Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1.  How do we make that magic work again?
Can you tell me the secret so it will never end?
The power it is growing and we're thanking all our friends,
How do we make that magic work again?

2.  The power it was waning,
it was almost gone.
The power it was draining
Until you let us sing our song.
Now the power it is growing
the light is shining bright and strong!
How do we make that magic work again?

3.  Jimmy has a talk show
he has the greatest staff and fans,
they liked the songs and pictures
then they invited us back again.
The power it kept growing
now we are  rockin' in the light!
How do we make that magic work again?

4.  With every hour that passes
we go into the fight,
with Jimmy's power with us
they always fear our might!
But the power must keep growing
it must never end!
How do we make that magic work again?

(Repeat all to end. Then end with)
How do we make that magic work again?

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