June 5, 2,007

Internationally known psychics Speakers Linda & Gerald Polley of Bismarck, North Dakota, have channeled new songs by John Lennon from The Afterlife since 9/9/99. They appeared on ABC TV's "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!" four times in 2,004, and got to meet Jimmy's Uncle Frank the last time they were there. June 4th They were fooling around with one of John Lennon's old songs Linda had channeled, and Linda was putting in Uncle Frank instead of the name that was originally in it. And John said "Oh, no no! That's not for our dear Uncle Frank! This is for Uncle Frank!" And though he was laying flat in his bed he gave Linda this cute little song about their friend on "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!" Even flat on his back John cannot help but praise those he loves so much! Below is an audio demo and the lyrics. If you have any comments or questions about this song you can email The Polleys at

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By; John Lennon
Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. He's Uncle Frank!
He knows what he's doin'!
He's Uncle Frank!
He really makes the show!
He's better than old Eddie
Was with our dear Johnny!
He's Uncle Frank!
He really makes the show!

2. Jimmy knows just when
to send him on a mission!
Jimmy knows just when
to send him on the go!
He's Uncle Frank,
he really makes the show!

3. Everybody knows
another bus is comin'!
But they'll still laugh,
Because he makes the show!
He's Uncle Frank!
Everybody's laughing!
Everybody's wondering
where he's gonna go!

4. Jimmy always knows
just when to use him,
'Cause he knows Uncle Frank
really makes the show!
He really makes the show!

Come on, Uncle Frank!

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