By; Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley

Many have asked for pictures of us, and to know where we live and how we do our work. And I have promised to get a special out on this for almost a year. Thanks to a special gift, this has now become possible.

* * *

PICTURE #1- Speaker Gerald Polley. I was born January 29, 1947 in Lewiston, Maine. I was raised primarily around Ellsworth and Surry, Maine, but with sojourns to Texas, Mississippi , Virginia and New Jersey. (Every time one of my sisters would have a baby, off we'd go!)
I had learning difficulties and did not do well in school. At the age of 13 was introduced to alcoholic beverages by an older friend and soon became dependent on them, aggravating an already difficult situation.
At the age of 16 ran away but was returned home shortly after. After this, left school, as I had only reached the 6th grade, and the frustration was causing too much strain.
At the age of 17 joined the army, but because of poor reading skills and the constant desire for alcoholic beverages and weak physical condition, could not keep up with training and suffered a physical and mental breakdown. Was released from the army and returned home.
The difficulties with alcohol finally led to a confrontation with the legal authorities at the age of 18, which resulted in a 3 year term at the Maine State Prison. It was while awaiting transfer to prison in the Penobscot County Jail in Bangor, Maine, when I was in my deepest point of mental depression, and I had given up all desire for life, that I receivd my first spiritual vision. A Lord Of Light came to me saying that all was not lost, that each thing that had happened to me was for a definite and needed purpose, and everything had been very carefully arranged so that all I did actually resulted in good. Though it was hard for me to understand this, I would come in time, to realize it, that I would be sent a Teacher shortly, and the reason for everything would be made clear.
I at first shrugged off this vision as an hallucination, but shortly after entering prison I began to have more dreams. The Spirit of the famous psychic Edgar Cayce directed me to books about him in the prison library, thus proving to me that he was not a figment of my imagination, and then began to teach me that the reason I had such a difficult time with human thoughts and understandings was that I was not truly human; that only my physical form was human. The rest of me was alien. My essence, my eternal being, was from another world and another race, altogether. That all that had happened to me was part of my training. That in order to help men I had to learn men's weaknesses, because with my nature, I could not understand these weaknesses unless I experienced them myself. He also taught me that I have in the past, lived many lifetimes, performing many missions for those Sacred Lords that I love and serve just as he did, for he, himself, was like me.
My mission, he said, in this lifetime, was to be a living history book, to give mankind the wisdom of Those Lords we love before it faded forever, from the memory of Those in the Spirit World and was lost.
This is why I had so much trouble learning, because my mind is already crammed with so much knowledge that it can hold no more.
There is much more I could tell you, but we are running out of space, and someone else has to have her share. I will merely finish by stating that since accepting Spirit's Teachings I have given up the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or any other substance that might damage Their temple in which I now dwell.

PICTURE #2- Our simple ALTAR in the livingroom. Perhaps at this time, the most spiritually energized point on Earth.

PICTURE #3- Speaker Linda J. Polley, Born July 14, 1951, Bangor Maine,where I lived for twenty years. Also resided after this in surrounding communities and lived for some time in Orlando, FL before returning to Maine.
I have always been interested in books and television programs relating to psychic phenomena, and wanted to speak with Spirits since the 1960s. Because of my curiosity of how Tarot Cards were truly used, how seances were really held, etc., I began learning the use of The Tarot, sincerely studying metaphysics and Wicca, and even visited a haunted house where I encountered Spiritual Being!
After my parents passed away in 1970 and 1971 from heart ailments, I decided to attend a nearby Spiritualist seance where I first met my husband Gerald. I began attending mediumship classes shortly after, at the same house where we'd met, and was told we were both very psychic, that things would work out well for us. Someone even said they could feel we'd be married.
That psychic's prediction was destined to come true. Because of problems with a roommate in the boarding home where I stayed, Gerald and his mother invited me to take up temporary residence with them at their nearby apartment. I graciously accepted their invitation and moved in as soon as possible.
I found it hard to believe that Gerald was actually my boyfriend, since he was the first man who had ever shown any true interest in me, and been my 'first date.' My entire life seemed to be turning into a good plot for a romantic movie or something! I'll never forget when he walked me home after our first date he hesitantly kissed me, and the air between us lit up with a spark! Startled, I exclaimed "Does that happen every time you kiss somebody?" And laughingly he told me no, that it was caused by a shock from the type of winter clothing material we wore. The friction from us holding hands while we walked caused static electricity, which had made the surprising effect! It was so funny! Certainly a memorable experience!
I did not realize how rapidly I was falling in love with Gerald, since as I mentioned before, I had no past experiences with this type of emotion before. And, I was worried I might do something to scare him away.
He knew all about me; that I was an only child of parents who had spoiled me rotten, and that I didn't know how to do housework. That I had had plastic surgery when in my last year of high school, (from which I graduated in 1970) because of a protruding jaw, and , a full set of dentures. And, that I didn't have many friends. And, that I loved to spend money! But he loved me anyway, and he was also honest with me, telling me first thing, about his jail term, and army experience. I said I didn't care about that, as long as he was different now and didn't do that stuff. He taught me about the things he'd learned in jail, and afterwards, about Spiritism, and said that his mission was to write a Book from Spirit. I asked if I could help, and accepted Spiritism as my own faith shortly afterward.
I learned housework swiftly with help from Gerald's mother, who I love as much as my own. We three had wonderful times together! Then, in December of 1971 Gerald proposed to me. He knew I liked old-fashioned ways, so he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I immediately agreed, in shock anyone would ever ask me to, and so glad he loved me as much as I did him! We decided to wait six months for the wedding as a friend had told me this was the 'proper' way to do things, to be sure we knew what eachother's character was like and that we'd truly get along.
It was a grand day June 2, 1972, when our small ceremony was held, with Gerald's mother, sisters and all but one of the eight nieces & nephews there. My new and wonderful family!
I did help Gerald with his mission, of course, and many others as the years have gone by. It is so wonderful being here with him, and Spirit, and sharing the abilities I have developed with others through my help with our Psychic Services. I am now a trance medium, an internationally known Tarot Consultant I have also studied several of the major faiths of the world. I'm so glad that Spirit guided me to my proper Path To Happiness and Enlightenment, and I intend to be with Them and follow That Path for the rest of my days.

PICTURE #4- Snowball, our second born and mischief of our house. We usually spend half the afternoon trying to find out where he snuck off to and usually, find him in some comfortable sunbeam, nearby, looking at us with those big, sad eyes, saying 'We don't have to go in yet, do we?" He is a Poodle, with all the tempraments and love of his species. He considers it his duty to guard the altar and spends most of his day in the chair by it; especially when we're doing a Blessing. He usually doesn't like it however, when I go into trance and hides under the same chair until this strange person leaves his 'daddy's' body!

PICTURE #5- Puddles, a female Cockapoo, who is our firstborn and getting to be a bit of an old lady, and her declining health worries us, at times. But she is the joy of our heart, fighting with brother every night for the best position between us in the pillows, or in the wintertime, the choicest spot beneath the covers by our feet. But it is a friendly rivalry that usually ends with a kiss on the nose, after she has taught brother his place, and settled down.

PICTURE #6- Linda at her desk in our livingroom where she prepares VOICES and types her Readings, and helps prepare other services.

PICTURE #7- Our kitchen table where VOICES is prepared. This present issue visible.

PICTURE #8- Gerald's desk in the bedroom. Though it may look cluttered, there is organization in all that confusion, and most of the time we know precisely where everything is. Though there are occassional moments when things mysteriously are not where they were left; but these are rare.

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