What qualifications does a young woman have to have to be a courier/protector?


Firstly, she must be between thirteen and fourteen years old, and of good health.



Secondly she must be a devout believer in her religion.



Thirdly she must believe that there are alien beings living among humans on Earth, taking human form.



Fourthly she must be able to speak English as well as her native language. Or, perhaps, speak another language if her native language is English.



Fifthly she must be willing to become the daughter of Speaker Gerald A. Polley, accepting his parental guidance and living according to the principles of his religion, Spiritism, and be willing to take part in the other things that would be necessary to maintain Speaker Polley's health.



Lastly, her family or her nation would have to arrange a two million dollar loan for twenty years, taking some of Speaker Polley's manuscripts as collateral, helping to get them published to pay back the loans, or help arrange other financial projects to repay the loans.



What would the young ladies receive for performing this service for God?



Firstly, some of the loan money would be used to set them up a trust fund that would give them an income of a thousand dollars a month while they were serving as protectors. Another trust fund would be set up to give five hundred dollars a month to an assistant who would help the courier/protector perform her duties. At the end of her period of service this trust fund would be raised to at least a million dollars. As a courier/protector the young woman would be entitled to ten per cent of any funds that she help raise, which would be added to her trust fund. Whatever it contained when her period of service was done would be hers.



Secondly, the young woman would be given power and glory equal to God's. A special Afterlife would be set up for her in The Kingdoms Of God where she would gather the souls necessary to form her own Afterlife on another world. In 100 years or as soon as transportation is available the young woman's living descendants and the descendants of those who have worked for her will be transported to her new world with the Afterlife that the goddess has created and she will become the spiritual Ruler of that world. This is her primary reward and the reward of those that serve her. This is a promise given by God The Father, a prophecy that cannot be questioned. As the Ruler of this new world the courier/protector will be allowed to disperse the properties on it to those who serve her now, in the material world.



This is what is offered and required to receive God's power and glory, to become His equal, a tremendous reward!



It will be asked why the courier/protectors are needed. Speaker Gerald A. Polley is a Ruler of The Spiritist Republic, an entity in The Afterlife. He came into the material world to write his People's History but over the ages he has had another purpose. He is God's greatest warrior. He has been created for one purpose, to hunt and destroy evil. With the departure of Jesus, with His abandonment of mankind Speaker Polley's powers have gone out of control. He can no longer distinguish among those who are evil who can be saved, and who must be destroyed. The courier/protectors will become his constant companions, staying with him night and day, wherever he goes, protecting those who can be saved so they will not be destroyed forever. They will become his conscience, they will become his compassion, his mercy, his pity. They will protect those of their faith and through their sister godesses, those of other faiths. This is their primary purpose, their greatest function. God's power must be restored. His hunter must return to the wind. Evil must tremble in the night listening for the beat of his wings. The courier/protectors, or as some call them the goddesses, will free him to hunt. They will most likely hunt with him, as their mother does, protecting the children of the world. This is why the courier/protectors are needed. This is why God will make them goddesses, to give them enough power to perform this mission. Only those with power and glory equal to his own could do it. That is why very special young ladies are needed.



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