A Non- Fiction Book
By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley.
Edited By; Speaker Linda J. Polley

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I am Speaker Linda Jean Polley. My husband Gerald and I are internationally known psychics; channelers, who publish VOICES FROM SPIRIT MAGAZINE. It is a metaphysical publication although it does cover political issues at times, and features articles about UFOs.
Whatever Spirits are concerned about in today's world we try to print Their comments on.
Our main feature each issue is a channeled interview with a famous person from the past, so They can set history straight about Their lifetimes in the limelight.
However, back in 1984 it became evident to us that as we telepathically communicated with our Spirit Guides and Workers compiling magazine material we were somehow being monitored by someone or something else; someone alive, NOT ON THE PLANET was spying on our daily lives.
Gerald telepathically traced this unique vibration to an alien telepath on a REAL UFO, whose curious occupants wanted to discover where such strong telepathic abilities emanated from.
In time, as a messenger for The Grand Alliance in The Spirit Realm, which consists of all The Religious Leaders of History we became friends with most of the alien beings in the Galactic Community which protects the Earth from unsavory beings from worlds that would take over our own for sinister purposes.
In 1994 however, we became aware of The Ashtarians, one of these unsavory groups that had announced, through a magazine we received and had had a few articles published in, that they would be making public landings on Earth, the most important being on The White House lawn where they would meet the President to show they were friendly and wanted to help the Earth. We and the Galactic Community were the only ones that knew of their ulterior motives for subtle conquest.
For a while before this these aliens had been sending "Spiritual messages" through psychics that the Ashtarians would come to change Earth for the better, and some even said they would take them with them to their world. That they would end pollution, etc..
The Grand Alliance in Spirit AND The Galactic Community agreed to band together to put a stop to this interference immediately; That Earth had been corrupted enough by alien interference. So they asked Gerald to be Their spokesperson, to send a letter to this magazine from Them that stated no open landings on Earth would be allowed.
This letter is the first entry in this Journal. We hope this book will enlighten you and make you aware of certain misinformation that has been transmitted over the years to Earth. That Earth will be finally allowed to continue on at its own pace of development peacefully, towards its very own future. We hope, most of all, to send the message that THE TRUTH IS HERE! You need not search the galaxy to find it.

Speaker Linda J. Polley
June 5, 1996, Portland, Maine

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