Animation By
Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley
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These are .wmv files, best viewed on Windows Media Player.

This symbol * by a video title indicates the animation features
song from The Afterlife channeled through Speaker Linda J. Polley.


Speaker Gerald Polley

1. *Anthem Of The Haven Imperial Fleet
1.14 MB

2. * Lucinda
1.96 MB

3. *Just Truckin'
1.41 MB

4. *Peace Inside
2.19 MB

5. Flickers
462 KB

6. Blind Wanderings
1.13 MB

7. What's Inside
1.83 MB

8. *The Incredible Singing Heads
2.96 MB

9. *Life Of Hope
1.04 MB

10. Our Second Animation Returns
971 KB

11. *The Fire Within
1.95 MB

12. Attack & Defense
692 KB

13. *She Wants It!
A Tribute To Anna Nicole Smith
**Removed at the request of Anna Nicole's husband after her death.**
3.39 MB

14. An Afternoon's Doodles
786 KB

15. *The Boatman's Song
3.39 MB

16. *Why Did You Drive Him Out?
Featuring a new song by John Lennon.
This song was originally written when God left The Holiest Of All
But has been rerelesed to fortify Muhammed in his current desperate struggle.

2.22 MB

17. *A Tribute To Francine's Grandson
Gerald's Art Work Combined With
An Adorable Picture Of Our Friend Francine's Grandson.
1.48 MB

18. *The Red Kangaroo
John Lennon's song to help save Australia's wildlife.
Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin uses this song for the theme of his new t.v. show in The Afterlife!
4.90 MB

19. Hate's Final Agony
1.61 MB

20. *Hate Is Helpless
Featuring Jesus Of Nazareth, Called The Christ's song
concerning Jerry Falwell's death.
1.10 MB

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