Any Good News?

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

15-08-04 AJ

Here again with the latest news updates. First on the home front for the first time since a while before my husband Gerald died I received a removal request! 

“host PTR (
To; Linda Polley

PLEASE remove this address from your list…………”

    If you’ve been getting our messages for a while now you may remember that this means the person who wrote this request and all who work with them are now removed by God from The Book Of Life.  They’re no longer allowed in The Kingdom Of God.  As they refuse to receive my messages and I am a Servant Of God, they reject God. It’s so sad when those God is trying to help want nothing to do with Him.  I continue to wonder even more what will become of this world.  Now, speaking of the world, what else is going on out there?
      Well I guess this proves John Kerry like Gerald used to say, hasn’t got a screw loose, he’s missing a major assembly!  He’s made an agreement with Obama’s approval of course, with Israel to  release 26 Palestinian prisoners several of whom have killed Israelis!  This release is going on right now. The Israelis will now be building apartment complexes many of which will be on land won in the war by Palestinians who want it for a state.  There has been a 5 year freeze on this.  Now Israel has approved building as many as 1,200 settlement homes since the trade off.  The building project is good, but at what actual price?  I don’t think it’s worth it, to have more major criminals running loose in the world.  Prayers go to their victims friends and loved ones. 
    So sad about the violence in Egypt towards the members of the Muslim brotherhood protesting the ousting of their former president.  As a former member of the Egyptian Army said “they’re killing protesters, it’s against humanity.”  I’m not really surprised, as God has stopped supporting Egypt since their government sided with Obama some time ago. That also caused God to change Father Abraham’s Peace Plan somewhat, as the new homeland for the Palestinians was supposed to be built outside of Israel in Egypt.  No way in hell now.  He chose another location.
    Looks like members of The Pentagon won’t be welcomed into Heaven either.  They have declared that same sex spouses of military members are going to be eligible for the same health care, housing and other benefits as those spouses of the opposite sex.  This starts September 3rd.  The Defense Secretary stated in a memo that “It’s now the department’s policy to treat all married military personnel equally.”   I’m beginning to feel like I’m living in the mythical version of Hell!  I understand people are trying to be helpful to others, but this is wrong!  The Bible says homosexuality is wrong for a reason.   And it’s not only a religious thing.   Why has everybody lost their reason?  Wake up and smell the perversion, people!
    That’s just not right!  A woman in Tennessee has a delightful baby boy who she happened to name Messiah.  A judge has renamed him saying he would have problems while growing up with it.  And that it just wasn’t right.  It’s a title not a name.  How the judge found out is the baby’s mother went to court to “establish paternity.”  This had included the mother’s request to learn the baby’s last name.  Now the judge has given him his mother’s last name of Martin and his father’s last name, McCullough.  Something has to be done about this!  It’s up to the parents what they name their children, not the courts!  What happened to  freedom of speech?  Is there any such thing any more?
    Argh!  More disgusting stuff!  Lady Ga Ga and Cher have recorded a duet called “The Greatest Thing.” together.  I cringe at the thought.  Like I mentioned to a friend the other day by email, I used to love Cher’s music.  Now she has lost all respect from me because of what she allowed her daughter to do and even praises it.  Well, I guess I don’t need to state my opinion of Lady Ga Ga!
    Demon Miley Cyrus is saying that there’s no subliminal messages in her latest video and has admitted the song “We Can’t Stop” is about drugs.  Sigh!  Even entertainment is going down the drain lately.
    Better get out of here. I hate days like this when the news seems to be all bad! 
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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