Betty White Is My Enemy?

An Open Letter From  Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

15-09-03 AJ

     There’s more and more going on so I’m back to comment on it.  First of all, someone on the internet has told me that my last message was partially wrong.  If I made a mistake I apologize to everyone.  I just go by what I read.  Whatever, I’m  doing the best I can.  However thanks to whoever points a possible error in my blog out to me.  It’s important.  And it’s good to know people are reading it. 
    This is probably old news, but I was made aware of a quote by one of my favorite actresses of all time, Betty White, who said basically people should mind their own business about gay marriage.  If gays want to get married it’s up to them.   They should be allowed to do so, everybody shouldn’t be so hateful about it.  This is true, people shouldn’t hate homosexuals, or hurt them.  But Betty and I just can’t agree on this topic.  As we’ve stated in our messages many times, marriage is between a man and a woman, that’s how God meant it to be, rather you believe in Him or not, so we can have children and grow together.  Anything else is a sickness, a mental illness.  As Gerald said don’t get me wrong, we have several gay friends, but we just can’t support the sickness.  If people go out in public, confess what they do and say it’s ok, they’re giving innocent children the idea this is true and possibly ruining their lives and may I add, afterlives,  if they become this way.  Gay marriage should not be legal, and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell should be repealed in the military.  Sorry Betty, but them’s fightin’ words.  God is so sorry to see He has another enemy, especially in such a wonderful lady.  He hopes you will change your mind and repent this evil.  Though He realizes you’re just trying to be kind, it’s not the way.
    Scary stuff on the national news where reporters have been saying the attack on the embassy where the US ambassador was killed may have been the terrorists attacking because it was the anniversary of 9/11.   Also the woman who worked on the American movie which they first assumed caused all the trouble that upset Muslims concerning insults to Islam and Muhammed, says the man who finished up the film added the negative comments to it concerning Muhammed and Muslims.  She had nothing to do with these things.  As someone mentioned on Twitter I remember well when someone got our You Tube videos taken down because they didn’t like our channeling from our old friend Muhammed, among other complaints.   I’m hoping the situation has calmed down now.  The last thing I read was that people are warning there may be such situations in The US and saying we should be careful and keep an eye out just in case.  Ooops!  While finishing this message I read The US embassy is under attack in Tunisia!  When will it all end concerning this matter?  Soon I hope.
    Looks like North Dakota is seeing quite a bit of trouble, as there’s been a bomb threat at the University in our old city of Fargo.  There was also a bomb threat this passed week in Grand Forks, which closed the internatonal airport.  The University Of Texas also has had one, where a man called claiming he had put bombs all over the school and said he was affiliated with Al Quaida! He had a Middle Eastern accent.  Hopefully it’s not really Al Quaida, just an Al Quaida wanna be and he’ll be arrested for doing this.
    Looks like The Pope is taking unnecessary chances with his life by visiting Lebanon and asking for peace amidst all this violence going on.  Well all I can say is you can’t say you haven’t been warned you shouldn’t go there at this time.
    Home Depot stores faced a big let down in China this week, as most people over there prefer online and specialty stores.  I guess it’s hard to compete with technology.
    Sometimes it’s hard even for the experts to tell when a video is for real or a mistaken phenomena.  Recently someone put a video on You Tube claiming that a UFO was filmed near the international space station, saying that it was of a mother ship dropping off smaller ships near there.  The video was filmed out the window of the space station.  An expert has examined the video and stated that it’s not a UFO at all, but a reflection from something inside the space station!   Sorry everybody!  Better luck next time.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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