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09-09-03 AJ

    There’s been a lot going on here.  I’m proud to announce that Sunday, September 9th is the 13th anniversary of my new song channeling from the spirit of John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles.  Yep, it all started back on 9/9/99.  I didn’t know much of anything about John then, now I understand that 9 was his favorite number and this was planned on purpose as a clue that the songs were from him.  Now over 160 songs later we’re still working together, and he’s still my dearest friend in The Afterlife.  He watches what I do every day, though of course some things are censored, and makes comments to me once and a while.  Other times I see him on the bus.  This is to give me spiritual energy and just to show he’s still with me.  I don’t know what we would’ve done without him, and I’m so grateful he chose my husband and I to work with because we tell the truth of what’s going on over There and don’t make stuff up.  I pray he’ll stay with me for the rest of my time here in the material world.  Thank you John for all your beautiful music, having such a brave and beautiful soul and, wanting to help save the world.  I will be going out to dinner on our special day, just because it is something very special to celebrate.  Here’s a link to the song that started it all on that day, remixed by the wonderful Moby.  This version raised a lot of money for children’s charities.  Thank you Kevin & Bean at KROQ for helping get  this music out there.  You are still two of God’s favorite sons. 


    Here’s a link to the original lyrics published in our magazine Voices From Spirit.  Be sure to check out the rest of our magazines on line for the details of our work with John.


    And here’s the link to the rest of our hard work.


   As I mentioned a while back I was able to acquire the grave my late aunt bought for my husband and I some years ago.  I purchased a special marker for this. It was being stored for a little while in Bangor.  I was told it would cost $200 for a foundation for the stone as it was quite long to accommodate two names and dates. The head of the cemetery department ended up installing it for me Thursday as it didn’t need a foundation after all, for free and then sent me a picture.  It’s beautiful!  I’m very pleased with the work put into this.  Many thanks to Perfect Memorials.  Here’s a link to their web site. I highly recommend their services.


    I think Gerald is pleased with my efforts though his ashes won’t be placed there until my time comes, as I promised his would stay with me until then.  It’s good to know this is taken care of at last.  Now, what’s in the news?
    I didn’t know what happened but knew it was something good!  Thursday afternoon I was  sitting at the computer when I heard church bells ringing in The Afterlife really loud.  I looked to see what was going on with the news and found “Drew Peterson Found Guilty Of Murder In Kathleen Savio’s Death.”  Excellent!  I’m so glad the lady is getting justice once and for all.  This was his third wife. His fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, is still missing and he’s the only suspect.  Hopefully now they can make more headway in solving this mystery.  I’m still not positive if this is why I head the bells ringing, maybe it was even about the cemetery info.  Whatever it was nice!
     Scary! 58 days to the presidential election!  I hope it’s not 58 days to doomsday for the world. 
    I see Mitt Romney’s wife Ann refused to answer a reporter’s questions about gay marriage and employer provided contraception.  She just wanted to talk about how her husband was the right person for the right time, and speak to women voters.  That’s her right, however it doesn’t it doesn’t promote her skills at being interviewed on the campaign’s most popular issues.  Oh well, we won’t have to worry about that for much longer anyway.
    So much for Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan.  He says the states should decide if they want marijuana to be legal or not.  Definitely not!
    More music & politics issues!  The rock band R.E.M. is telling Fox News they’re not authorized to play their song “Losing My Religion” in political context, and denounced them for playing it during the Democratic National Convention.  Way to go!  You tell ’em!  Sorry, Fox News may be God’s favorite but I know He doesn’t like them using music without permission.
    Some time ago my late husband Gerald reported on the strange humming sound that was bothering Seattle.  Well, scientists believe they’ve found the source.  They believe it’s male midshipman fish who hum to attract a mate.  They think that the sound echoing off ship hulls is what is carrying it for miles.  Most people are thinking it’s a card payment system at a local truck stop.  I guess it’s still a mystery! Temuka, New Zealand residents are also reporting a mystery.  They’re hearing strange sounds like a phone ringing in the middle of the night. In June some reported hearing a banging noise coming from the Factory Road area.  What in the world is going on?
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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