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17-03-05 AJ


    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m finally back with a brief update.  Well, I had my nose surgery to remove the skin cancer February 28th, and everything went perfectly!  They got all the offending spot and I had six stitches across the top of my nose, surprisingly close to my left eye.  A week later after only having a few aches and taking antibiodics to prevent infection, the stitches came out and I don’t have to see the doctor for three months!  I took several pictures of my face during this time as kind of a public record and put them on Instagram.  Hope you’ll check them out. Here’s the link.  Start with the pic from February 27th.


    I am awesome!  I get stuff done! As my mantra says.  Gerald Polley’s wonderful book “Dark Angel”  beloved by John Lennon and almost everyone else in The Afterlife is published! It’s on Amazon.com available to read via Kindle or the Kindle free app on just about every device.  And I’m already planning the next one.  Here’s the link. Do pass it on.  Hope you’ll enjoy it.  Oh, and if you do read it I hope you’ll leave a review.


   A special thanks to our old friend Elgard who helped me understand via email, how to correct some errors on how the text looked and such. 
    I also highly recommend a fantastic program I bought to help with the books, The Ultimate EBook Creator.  I wish I’d have found it before I bought Microsoft Office 2013!  But oh well, I guess that’s handy to have too.  Here’s the link to the the page where you can learn about it and buy it. 


    Now for a little bit on the national news.  God praises Rep. Michele Bachmann from Minnesota for speaking the truth concerning her opinion of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s (R) decision to veto SB 1062 late last month.  This bill would have allowed businesses to refuse service to gay people on religious grounds.  Rep. Bachmann is stating that this shows how LGBT people are bullying “voters and politicians.” She states that there’s nothing about gays mentioned in this bill, but they have chosen to make this one of their issues to fight about.  She also has courage to speak the truth about Obama, saying he’s lawless and violates the Constitution with each executive order.   Those in The Afterlife and I wish we had more with courage like this lady.  Unfortunately she’s retiring after the current congressional session.  Here’s a link to the article in The Huffington Post where you can watch the representative’s video and hear some audio of her most important statements. 


    My late husband Gerald used to say he dreads the thought of when a minister loses their right to refuse to “marry” a gay couple on religious grounds, and there’s some kind of violence.
    So scary the story about the missing plane!  Now officials are saying it appears it was hijacked!  And it’s still missing! This is the kind of mystery I don’t like.  As someone on Facebook was posting “China has some of the best hackers in the world, Russia has the best spies yet no one can find a plane!”
    Late Wednesday night I was made aware of a vote to take place in the Maine State Senate on Thursday concerning gambling expansion, which I don’t think is a good idea to have.  I immediately sent an email to our two senators as the email I received suggested.  I have a feeling they didn’t get to read it before the voting but at least I put my two cents in.  Hopefully these bills won’t go through.  I haven’t heard any updates. 
     Some celebrities are getting crazier every day!  Justin Beiber was downright rude during his court deposition or whatever you call it, Lady Ga Ga had a woman in her show throw up on her for art on stage after eating a sausage I guess, and Miley Cyrus got a tatoo of the head of a yellow crying cartoon cat inside her lower lip.  Ow!  Ga Ga has also been threatening to quit singing altogether because people won’t let her be how she wants to be, or whatever!  I say don’t let the door hit you on your way out!  Like Gerald used to say “She hasn’t just got a screw loose, she’s missing a whole major assembly!” And once again of all this I ask why.  I can see why The Afterlife report that at least Miley and Ga Ga are literally demons in human forms.  Oh, and for the record you know I don’t usually use bad language on my web site, but as for Beiber, I have to say he’s just an a**hole! But wait!  That’s a very useful part of the human body!  That’s too good for him.  
    FOOTNOTE: To end on a positive note, it’s good to be able to watch “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” again on my VCR. 
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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