From Bethlehem To The Big Bang Again

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

18-11-03 AJ

    Hard to believe this week is Thanksgiving!  I’ll be glad when it’s January and this, one of the worst years ever is history, literally.  Now on to the news.
I am very concerned with the war between Israel and Gaza.  It’s scary enough that lives will be lost with this, then there’s the possibility historic, treasured religious sites will be destroyed forever.  I just wish something would make it stop!  However I do understand Israel was very justified in striking back.  Even more important it needs to stop to keep the children safe.  I hear a few have died there already.  Even one is too many.  Here’s the link to a song I channeled by the spirit of John Lennon for Jerusalem back in 1999.   I pray it will send some good vibes to them to help things turn out in their favor.  It’s a video Gerald put together with my mp3 using some pictures he found for people to use on the internet.

    I see Obama spoke with the leaders of Israel and Egypt Friday. Now I see the violence is worse.  Figures.  He thinks he can solve everybody’s problems and just makes things worse.  With his negative energy his mere presence even just on the phone, he can cause havoc.
    Speaker Boehner who, as you know, is one of God’s favorite sons, has been working very hard with Obama trying to get a new plan to avoid the disastrous fiscal cliff from happening in just a few weeks as the budget cuts expire.   He wants to continue the current tax code for six months to a year and avoid huge tax increases and, a possible recession.  I hope he can get the Democrats to  agree to this.  What am I saying?  I know if anybody can Boehner can!
    They’re coming out of the woodwork!  A young man in Bolivar, MO bought weapons and was  similar in many ways to the shooter in Colorado.  He planned to shoot people at the screening of the new “Twilight” movie.  Then he changed his mind later and decided to kill people at the local Wal Mart where he’d have access to more ammunition.  He also had homicidal thoughts.  His mother tipped off police because she saw the assault weapons he had bought were like the ones used by the Colorado shooter.  He’s also under psychiatric care!  Just what we need, another one of those with no soul, who are like the walking dead in movies, another one of the real zombies.  He may not eat brains but close enough. I hope he never gets released.
    Well, gain one zombie lose another as the Hindu extremist that was linked to mob violence against Muslims and migrant workers in India has died Saturday of cardio-respiratory arrest.  About time I say. Poof, I would imagine. Probably didn’t even get to The Afterlife.
    So horrible the accident at the veterans parade, where the float carrying Vetrans and their wives was struck by a train going sixty miles an hour!  Four veterans were killed.  Two pushed their wives off the truck to safety before they were killed.  They were going to a dinner to honor wounded veterans. Several other people were wounded.  Prayers for their friends and loved ones.  They were heroes until the end.  I’m sure they’re being honored in The Afterlife.
Blessings to Papa John’s Pizza for standing up against Obamacare! The group Rebooting America had a Papa John’s Appreciation Day Friday.  They believe Papa John’s is reacting reasonably to the new health care law.  May your business continue to prosper and some people in Washington listen.
    AWW! This video is adorable!  I don’t usually promote Christmas videos but here’s a link to the new one made by The Octomom’s kids known as The Roctuplets called “I’m Ready” on You Tube. You can also download it on ITunes.  Awesome job kids, though there’s not much rhyme to it.  I think we’ll see more songs from them in the future.

    I  want to admit something.  I have gone back to watching “The Big Bang Theory” despite one of the lead actors on the show coming out as gay earlier this year.  This doesn’t mean I in any way support homosexuality.  However, I feel bad as in one of my message I said I would never watch it again, but it is the best situation comedy on t.v..  What else can I say?   Like Gerald said gays are everywhere, you can’t watch anything now without them being on it.  I apologize for going back on my word.  However I needed to be honest here about what I’ve done.
    Apparently some of my readers feel I haven’t done very well in supporting the buyers’ strike.  I apologize for this too.  I’ll try to do better.   Hey, I’m only human, as the saying goes!   I’m actually trying to get my bill paid up and I’ve almost achieved that goal!  Next I want to pay more on my cremation plan.  The Christmas shopping season is where I try very hard not to buy anything besides groceries. Oh oh!  That starts this Friday!
    Wanted to make sure I got this update in!  Our old friend DJ Bean Baxter of KROQ LA is doing fine after donating his kidney to another KROQ employee this week.  The recipient of the kidney is doing fine also and going home without any medication or such he doesn’t need any more!  Thank you Bean, you’re awesome!
    FOOTNOTE: I had a wonderful Friday this week. Finally went to Jasper’s Restaurant for my fried clam lunch.  Fantastic!  While I was eating the George Harrison song “Something” played on the speakers.  I knew I’d done the right thing by going there.  The waitress was wonderful!  She helped me order a portion right for my budget and even gave me free cole slaw!  I offered a $5.00 cash tip from my cab fare money I’ve had since July, and she refused it saying it was too much!  The first time ever  anyone has refused a tip from me!  An amazing afternoon, a little sad because the last time I’d gone to that restaurant was on January 29th, I took Gerald there for dinner as his 65th birthday present, his prime rib.  Anyway everything worked out perfectly, and all for $15.00!
Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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