An Open Letter From  Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

15-04-04 AJ

    It’s been a slow weekend nothing to report about which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Now things are picking up a little and I’m back.  Let’s see what’s going on out there!
    Well, I guess The Democrats still have some good sense.  Many of them in Washington are against Obama’s budget plan. They say it will limit  his bargaining power with The Republicans on a big “deficit reduction deal.” The budget could not be changed.  It’s a final offer.  It would also slow the increase in Social Security benefits.  This is leaving many Democrats puzzled.  He’s also giving away the identity of his party, as they see the 1935 Social Security Act as one of their greatest achievements.  I’m also wondering what to heck is going on? It doesn’t make sense to me either, but unfortunately most of what The Democrats do doesn’t make sense to me.  However  this takes the cake!  I don’t see any way in hell this can go through!  Let’s pray it doesn’t even have a chance of it.
    God The Father of course praises The GOP for sticking with The Defense Of Marriage Act which states marriage is between a man and a woman.  Now if they’d only change their minds about a few other things He wouldn’t have any problems with them whatsoever.   Though it’s a disappointment a few of them have changed their minds and sided with homosexuality.
    Good to see China has agreed to work with the US on the North Korea situation. 
    Congratulations to former president George W. Bush and his wife Laura as they are welcoming their first grandchild into the family.  Both baby girl named Margaret Laura ‘Mila’ Hager and mom Jenna Bush Hager are doing just fine!  I get a chuckle out of this, their last name though it’s spelled differently, considering who grandma Laura is the reincarnation of.  Here’s the link to a message my late husband Gerald sent to Speaker John Boehner March 7, 2012 during his presidential campaign, with the explanation of why The Bushes are so important to God The Father.


      Sunday night I watched most of The MTV Movie Awards.  Needless to say I was very disappointed in it.  Not very good in my opinion.  However congratulations to the winners.  Marvels “The Avengers” won.  I really liked it.   I didn’t care for the humor in the awards show however, also I felt bad the little girl from the film “Beasts Of The Southern Wild”, Quvenzhane’ Wallis, had to be there and was the brunt of a couple of them. She was one of the award presenters.  She’s only nine and much of the material was PG13 at the least.  Well, I’m sure she’ll be ok.  Maybe I’m too sensitive about these things, but I just thought the whole thing was in bad taste.  From what I’ve heard that’s what MTV is famous for now. After all, look at “Jersey Shore.”
     As I’ve said before yes, bad stuff happens even here in Maine!  A middle aged guy known as Maine’s North Pond Hermit, has been accused of over 1,000 burglaries!  He lived as a hermit in a tent in the woods undetected by most and sole from his neighbors for 27 years until he was caught by a security camera and arrested I guess?  He was known to most of the summer camp owners in the area who left him food so he wouldn’t break in during the winter.  He vanished from his home at 19, no one knows why. He slept in several sleeping bags as he had no heat in the tent and it was closed by tarps. He was caught last Tuesday as he left a camp with a backpack filled with food.   Well they got him now.  I’ll be interested in how he pays for these crimes.  Gerald used to tell about people during the winter breaking into summer camps and snowmobilers vandalizing camps too.  Scary stuff basically right next door!
    I finally got the perfect cell phone.  It’s a smartphone, and I must highly recommend it, The LG Optimus Logic from Net10.  They’re a part of the TracFone company.  You pay $50 a month for unlimited everything and if the payments are taken out of your checking account or off your credit card automatically you only pay $45.  It’s an android phone, and the only one I’ll ever buy.  If this gives out I’m getting another one.  That other touch screen I had was too irritating with the lock screen button.  I highly recommend these android phones though, which you can buy for $54 on Amazon.com.  They’re so good they almost make my IPod Touch obsolete!  Anything this good I feel  I should recommend to my readers.  I’m keeping my flip phone with my leftover minutes for back up.  Anyway, hope you’ll check it out!  Here’s the link to a picture I took of it. 


    Like Gerald told me it doesn’t hurt the Buyers’ Strike if you buy something small and inexpensive once and a while.
     Support the national Buyers’ Strike!  Save America and the world!
     Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection for my recent messages.


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